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Arwa Ayan
Arwa Ayan
Karachi Public School
Good Manners
Published On Apr 24th 2013
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Good manners are important. A man is known by his manners. A bad mannered person is not better than a beast. People send their children to good schools to make them well mannered. Good manners win love and respect.
Good manners mean that we should be good to others. We should behave nicely. We should not hurt others by our action or speech. Good manners should be acquired and cultivated.
We should always observe good manners. We should be courteous and polite to others. We should thank others for their services. While talking others, we should be slow and patient. We should allow others to speak. We should listen more and talk less when in a gathering. We should see that’s others do not feel bored when we talk.
Consideration to old, sick, women and children is important. When travelling we should try to accommodate others. We should help the old, the sick and the blind to cross the road. Plucking flowers in a public park is a bad manner. We should avoid talking in a library. When sneezing we should put our handkerchief on our nose.
If we behave in such a way we can make the world a happier and a better place. Good manners create friendship and goodwill. It is path to success and happiness.
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Comments 5
zerwah Mannerx is a good topic to be discussed on Zerwah
Feb 28th 2014
Ajwa Mannerz ARE important!!!!! Ajwa
Aug 12th 2013
Emel NICE! Emel
Jul 9th 2013
Hafsa JakAllah for increasing knowledge Hafsa
Jun 21st 2013
haiqa Good topic!!! Haiqa
May 23rd 2013

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