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Maleeha Junaidi
Maleeha Junaidi
Educatiuon Trust Nasra School, Malir Campus.
Don't Forget!
Published On Apr 17th 2013
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(Anamnesis of 8th grade)
There's something that's been ceased,
Which had commenced a year before...
It wasn't a fuss, I say, at least.
Was it a notion or something more?
It is an end, but when n' where?
I know you guyx won't forget this year!

A year that brings a lot of stories,
that were sometimes good and often bad...
It’s a year that sings sweet lullabies,
that were seldom happy and often sad!
It’s a commitment and an intimate share,  
that these bad lads won't forget this year!

Some rumours spread, some boredoms touched,
being big laymen we'd done a lot...
We'd got some kidders that joked too much,
and with whom I once had fought!
It’s an abstraction that I won't dare,
to be so selfish and forget this year!

A tribute to all for being my peers,
that I will not forget this time...
Just keep them aside all those fears,
make them dark don't let them shine!
We've been special and we've been rare.
Do promise, you won't forget this year!

(Dedicated to all my class fellows)

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Comments 1
Gullasht AOA i also delicated it to my frndzzzzzzzzzzzzzz!!!!!!!!!!! on vshine Gullasht
Apr 20th 2013

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