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Maleeha Junaidi
Maleeha Junaidi
Educatiuon Trust Nasra School, Malir Campus.
Go From Where You Came!
Published On Apr 17th 2013
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I'm tired of studying.
I don't want to read.
When will it finish?
Please help me!
Oh! This Math boggles,
and this Science frustrates.
I can bet for sure dude
for exams no one waits!
Why not to enjoy?
And why to practice a lot?
Why with books around
I should always be caught?
Why to say "No"
to games and to fun?
Why not to read novels
Being the free one?
Why can't I meet?
my fellows and my friends?
Why can't I know?
what's the newest trend?
I want to say "No"
to books and to notes.
I wish I could go
And gift these to goats!
If I were the queen
Or the dominating girl...
I'd vanish all exams
from this frightening world!
Exams! I warn you!
Just go from where you came!
You'll be sorry for yourself
When I'll make you feel shame!

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Comments 2
eesha Heyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nyc 1!!!!!!!.If that's wat u r going to do then i really wish u to become a queen :p Eesha
Jun 21st 2013
Gullasht AOA good Gullasht
Apr 20th 2013

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