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Elena Khan
Elena Khan
Published On Apr 15th 2013
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Life is a race
You'll have to keep pace
Life is precious
People are ambitious
Some people are friendly
Your foes can be deadly
Some people are rude
But try to be patient
'Cause it depends on their mood
It's a true fact
You'll have to use tact
Whatever you'll get is decided by your fate
Problems and difficulties you cannot evade
Sorrows can slay
Happiness is on its way
Sometimes both can delay
It's a game full of joys and sorrow
But you don't know what's goin' to happen tomorrow!
People love money but that's not funny
It gives you joy just like baby
When it receives a toy
But seldom it makes you feel sad
and makes you feel bad
But it’s not just money that makes you happy
Try to be complacent about everything you've got
Cause God gives everything and HE can take it back Be thankful to God
For what you've got!
Some people love life and think it's a paradise
But don't take it too light
Everyone wants to excel
But some people hate it and think it’s a hell
Life is a test You'll have to work hard
To make it the best
But for some folks it's the best
AND for the others it’s a pest
But always pray to Allah something bad happens lest
Everyone wants a perfect life
But it's fruit that will take time to ripe.

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Comments 1
Gullasht AOA plz elana JANI plz written your new poem n ideas in next time O.K Gullasht
Apr 20th 2013

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