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Ayesha Usman
Ayesha Usman
Published On Feb 14th 2011
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Comments 17
Aiza Hadiyah,why are you so surprised coz you have written a winning story at the of 8 years,unless you didn't write it by yourself.Plz don't mind. Aiza
Dec 12th 2016
M@ry@m Chill Ayesha!!!!!because u rock! Maryam! M@ry@m
May 27th 2011
Saniya It's nice especially the eyes. Saniya
May 12th 2011
rOcKiNgUrL mInA Its sooooooooo koool and the girl is loveeeely Rockingurl Mina
Mar 21st 2011
lily Kool Lily
Mar 19th 2011
ayesha Good effect ayesha keep it up... :) Ayesha
Feb 27th 2011
cutie's awsummmm... Cutie
Feb 27th 2011
Minhil Ayesha i'm also which class do u study????? Minhil
Feb 20th 2011
Haadiyah It's dazzling if you did it yourself! Haadiyah
Feb 19th 2011
ayesha Oh thanx alot all....i am 11 years old..and i love drawing.....i had not traced is my own drawing..:)thanx all again..thanx alot Ayesha
Feb 19th 2011
Pivak Whats ur age ayesha??? Pivak
Feb 17th 2011
Bint waseem Hmmmmmmmmmm......its a cute girl!!!! Bint Waseem
Feb 16th 2011
Minhil I'm speechless...i dont know how to tell u that u have done a very,very good job!!!!Can u tell me yur age Ayesha????? Minhil
Feb 16th 2011
Pivak Its soooooo nice ur drawing is awesome Pivak
Feb 16th 2011
Haadiyah Did you draw it yourself or you traced it? How old are you? Haadiyah
Feb 16th 2011
muhammad aleem Its so nice ayesha!!! Muhammad Aleem
Feb 16th 2011
ayesha Plz people...write anything...:)))plzzzzzzzzz Ayesha
Feb 15th 2011

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