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Maleeha Junaidi
Maleeha Junaidi
Educatiuon Trust Nasra School, Malir Campus.
An Application For Sick Leave
Published On Apr 13th 2013
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It’s an application
To the headmistress,
From an A.B.C school.
Written in stress.
Most respectfully, I've got to say that...
I'm unable to stand and to leave my bed!
I'm very sick and I'm very ill...
You won't believe, I have to pay bills!
I can't tell you how ill I am.
I can't even open my bag, dear ma’am!
Whenever I dare to open it,
The pain in my "brain" increases a bit!
You can't understand how it feels,
When I think about you and those tasty meals!
I can't tell you I'm trying so hard
To be no more ill, through driving in car!
Now kindly, I want to say,
Please grant me leave for just five days...
Don't ask me please "why five days?"
I'd tell you lies in different ways!
If you grant me leave, I would be thankful.
B/c in having fun, it would be helpful.
Faithfully yours,
Eleventh month,
Day eighteen.

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Comments 2
Jul 8th 2013
Gullasht AOA SO MUCH GOOD ;) Gullasht
Apr 20th 2013

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