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Maleeha Junaidi
Maleeha Junaidi
Educatiuon Trust Nasra School, Malir Campus.
Danger! Keep Out!
Published On Apr 13th 2013
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This time when the Eid came...
Nothing was special, all was same.
We bought new clothes as always we do,
But that's not exactly I wanna tell you.
I should do come on the topic now,
And tell you about my dangerous cow.
It was frightening... a holy fear.
You couldn't touch it nor go it’s near.
It had long tail and a scary look,
Like an angry, fat, hyper cook.
Its eyes seemed like harmful fire.
It was horrid... I'm not a liar!
If you'd try to tease, it would fight.
No matter its day or night.
Something if you'd try to pick,
You'd get nothing but a painful kick!
I wish it could be met by thee...
Then you'd know what I mean.

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Comments 8
Marwa Nice Marwa
Jul 25th 2013
Irum Okay, Maleeha!!! Irum
Apr 28th 2013
Maleeha Yup ayesha! I wish you had seen it.. Maleeha
Apr 27th 2013
Irum Oh dear, was it really THAT bad? Irum
Apr 26th 2013
Eraj Good poem Eraj
Apr 23rd 2013
Arouba Anytime! Arouba
Apr 18th 2013
Maleeha Thnx arouba! :) Maleeha
Apr 16th 2013
Arouba Nice ryhming..!! Arouba
Apr 14th 2013

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