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Maleeha Junaidi
Maleeha Junaidi
Educatiuon Trust Nasra School, Malir Campus.
What My Teacher Says
Published On Apr 13th 2013
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My teacher says,
"You are dumb...
From where in the world
Did you come?"
She says sometimes,
I'm not good.
I'm not the way
As I should
My teacher says,
I am bad.
Her comment sometimes,
Makes me sad!
She announces this,
In front of a class...
I break into pieces
Just like glass!
Whenever in the class,
She insults me like this...
"Someone hitting me with knife"
It hurts me like this!
The only thing
That really hurts me...
Is just that way
She always insults me..
She makes everyone laugh
While making fun of me...
Then everyone in the class
Looks laughingly at me!
With a great due respect,
This all is not right.
It locks me in the room,
Where you can't find light!  

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Comments 3
Berha Nice :) Berha
May 7th 2017
Phoenix Good:) Phoenix
Oct 28th 2016
Emel Good!come on every one comment! Emel
Jul 8th 2013

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