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Neeha Rashid
Neeha Rashid
An Unfortunate Mistake Done By A Teacher
Published On Apr 13th 2013
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"Mom, I'm leaving "called  Jennifer as she hastily came downstairs, looking half prepared for school with her crimson coloured hair resting on her shoulders, bouncing at intervals as she jumped through the staircase instead of being tied in a tight plat.
"Take this" added her mother, giving her a chicken sandwich, hoping that she would eat it along the way as she had already been late for school. Grabbing it, she rushed like the wind towards the door for her bus waiting outside.
"I will be back by four, mom" shouted Jennifer in the barest breeze from the half open window of the van to her mother who was standing at the door to say her goodbye.
But who knew that this was going to be a final goodbye from Mrs. Tan to her daughter's sparkling and bubbly face.
That day, Jennifer had to stay after school as she had a chemistry practical. She was really enthusiastic about performing it as her teacher had told her about the fizzy reaction and the colour changing of the solutions.
"How am I looking?" interrogated Jennifer, looking in a dusty glass pane in her class, as she put her lab coat on during recess.
"junior doctor!" remarked her Friends.
Eventually, waiting during the whole duration of studies, the time came for which Jennifer was waiting, since morning. Her excitement was its peak.
As Jennifer stepped in the lab, she could smell the caustic burning fumes accompanied with a quite acrid smell of sulphur dioxide coming from the chamber on the left where the other batch was performing the practical.
Just then, Miss Stephanie; the chemistry teacher came in.
"Okay students are you ready with your apparatus and all?" she inquired, and all gave an affirmative reply.
Thus in a jiffy, all the students got hold of their seats and started the experiment.
"Excuse me miss" cried out Jennifer, unable to get hold of the acid bottle withstanding on the upper shelf.
As Miss Stephanie was trying to pick the bottle, kept on a considerable height, she accidentally dropped it and it splashed down on Jennifer's plump and pudgy cheeks which were the remarking features of her roly-poly look.
The sharp clashing sound of the glass against the floor along with Jennifer's stentorian scream drew everyone's attention there. Miss Stephanie specially could not believe her eyes. She looked aghast for a moment and was as white as a sheet, standing like a block of ice.
Jennifer on the other hand stood in vehement throe with her burning face. It was catastrophic moment that left everyone with a vicious shock.
Calling an emergency she was rushed to the hospital by the school authorities. Her parents too being informed lashed to the hospital. Her mother was stunt as she saw her daughters burnt face with an immediate thought of her future blacked out.
Her burns soothed, she was brought to the room.
"Oh Jenny. My poor baby", blubbered her mother with tears rolling down her eyes, seeing her precious stone wrapped in bandages all over the face.
Unable to speak, due to pain, Jennifer's tears spoke all for her. Hearing someone mourning from a little distance, she caught sight of Miss Stephanie sitting alone on a bench, with a bouquet in her hand, sobbing out to her grief. Jennifer gestured her to make her way to her
"I am sorry" were the only words that Stephanie's senses could blurt out that moment. "You have to pay such a high price because of my unfortunate mistake" she added whimpering.
Jennifer knew that there was no cause on her part. Instead, Jennifer regarded her as a loving mentor who was extremely generous.
Wiping her tears off, she murmured; unable to speak properly in pain "it is all fate."
Stephanie, unable to bear any further pain, fell to her and they both mutually embraced each other. :)

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Comments 12
Ali Nice one Ali
Nov 15th 2013
Marwa Hey Ayesha ! How do you make that heart ? I made it in my comment but ti turned out to be nothing !!!!!!! :P ;] :} :}:]:P :D :) :D :) Marwa
Aug 14th 2013
Marwa Oh my God . You know extremely while reading this story i was just half crying . That was awesome and must say i loved it who ever wrote it. It was a heart touching story . I just feel like a burst of crying. Loved It ! :'( :) <3 <3 <3 Marwa
Jul 21st 2013
Laibah Hey let me tell you something this story is copied from my school magazine of 2009 !!!!! CHEATER !!!!!!! Laibah
Jul 7th 2013
Irum ♥ Very imaginative and outstanding. I found this very touching and interesting. Love it.♥ Irum
Apr 26th 2013
Neeha Thaankyou! :) Neeha
Apr 23rd 2013
Muhammad Extreme ☺♥ Muhammad
Apr 21st 2013
Aiza Loved it Aiza
Apr 20th 2013
Tasneem Superb and fantastically written a excellent job keep it up Tasneem
Apr 20th 2013
mishaal Wow!!!! gud gud <3<3<3<3 Mishaal
Apr 17th 2013
Aisha A remarkably excellent story.... Aisha
Apr 16th 2013
Aiman Gr8 story Aiman
Apr 15th 2013

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