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Elena Khan
Elena Khan
Collecting Money For My Mom's Birthday
Published On Apr 12th 2013
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Trrr!! went my alarm clock at sharp 10:00am in the morning. I woke up with a start as I rubbed my eyes. I slipped out of my bed and went to the bathroom. I splashed my face with water, I came out and the calendar in my room preoccupied my mind and guess what day was it today.....It was 26th May my mom's birthday!!! :D....
I rushed towards the cupboard and unlocked it. I pulled out my piggy bank, I shook it but all I could hear was a faint rattle. Cry I thought nothing was inside it and that it was all vacant."Please help me god let there be money in this...." I murmured as I opened my piggy bank. But Guess what????!?!?!All I could find were a few bucks.
"Oh No!!" I said as I stamped my foot. I tried to figure out how a kid of my age could get hands on some cash and suddenly a germ of idea hit my mind!! Cool. I was thinking of baking some nice chocolate brownies with chocolate syrup on them yum yum :P {did I make u drool?? hun! :P}
And according to the plan I baked 40 chocolate brownies and placed them in five boxes equally though they were uneven in shape...But who cares I want some cash hun!! :P
Whatever.... Each box cost of $2 and I could easily earn $16 (Oh yeah!!).So I made an excuse and crept secretly down the stairs 'cuz I didn't want mom to know about all this stuff I was doing I wanted to keep it under my hat. I advanced ahead, the first house in the neighbourhood was of Mrs. Green who was a grumpy old lady she was always furious and had the wackiest house in the entire neighbourhood....She was always furious everyone was afraid of her even me woah!! :P However I mustered the courage and rang her doorbell ting tong...
And a wheezing voice came after a couple of secs. "Coming wait!!!" The door was opened my Mrs. Green as I expected."What's the matter with ya li'l Kid???What do you want me to do??" she questioned."Umm...Hello Mrs. Green i baked brownies ad I was wondering if u could buy 'em 1 pack costs of $2.Please I wanna collect money for my mom's birthday" I pleaded...."OK I'll buy them" she said snorting, as she fumbled in her worn out wallet for money. The wallet was so stinky that it seemed to me that she hadn't washed it since ages... :P. We exchanged the money and the box and walked away.
I had to encounter many old grumpy folks like Mrs. Green or even worse than her....But somehow I mannered I tiptoed up the stairs in my room silently. I went to my room I pulled a bunch of notes out of my pocket and started counting them and they were $16!! WOW!! :D.So I went to that huge gift shop the most expensive one in the town *ehm ehm* :P.
It was hard for me to decide which one to buy and then my eyes fell on a golden glaring necklace which was heart shaped of golden hue in which you could place a photo of one person. I wanted mom to place mine in it ;).
When I reached home I saw my dad and siblings had decorated the house and at 1:00pm we started the party."Happy birthday " we all chorused she cut the enormous birthday cake and in the end I gifted her the necklace and she was ruptured to receive it...... :D

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Comments 22
Hamdah wasif Would u like to be my friend ? Hamdah Wasif
Feb 9th 2016
Saqifa Like it! Saqifa
Oct 26th 2015
sawera Hey elena nice story & I love it!! Sawera
Jun 4th 2014
sawera Hey elena nice story & I love it!! Sawera
Jun 4th 2014
Arooba Most welcome rafia Arooba
Mar 7th 2014
RAFIA Good ..i like the 1D tooo can i be your friend tooo..... Rafia
Mar 4th 2014
RAFIA Good ..i like the 1D tooo can i be your friend tooo..... Rafia
Mar 4th 2014
Arooba Yeah samia why not?? Arooba
Mar 4th 2014
Samia Nice one!!!!Arooba,ME,and u r directioners i love 1D!we can be friends Samia
Nov 26th 2013
Ali Is that the big time rush pic Arooba Ali
Nov 15th 2013
Arooba Your pic is awesome i love it what you think about my pic huh Arooba
Oct 12th 2013
Arooba Hey elena ggggggggooooooooooooooodddddd Arooba
Oct 12th 2013
Marwa Well nice one i must say Marwa
Jul 25th 2013
selina Good one,keep it up! Selina
May 19th 2013
elena Thnx for admiring the story and pic aiza,by the way yep its 1D on my profile picture Elena
Apr 21st 2013
Aiza Nice story and your picture is gud , its 1D isnt it ? Aiza
Apr 20th 2013
aleena really gave me many ideas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Aleena
Apr 20th 2013
Irum My pleasure, Elena... Irum
Apr 16th 2013
elena Thnx :) Elena
Apr 15th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Nyc!!!!!!!!!!!! amazing Maarij Maqsood
Apr 14th 2013
elena Thanx :)) Elena
Apr 13th 2013
Irum Great story... Hilarious!! Irum
Apr 13th 2013

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