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Elena Khan
Elena Khan
A Rainy Day
Published On Apr 9th 2013
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The Dark black clouds blanket the sky,
Water drops shower from above so high!
Tip Tip Tip Patter Patter Patter,
The sound it comes, So soothing to the ears,
Everyone hears,
The clouds are roaring thunder and storms,
Woah!! Look at the sky, rain is pouring,
It's all a blur because there is a fog,
It's so frigid; it’s raining cats and dog
Umbrella in the hands, rain coats and boots
Even the plants exploit the rain,
By absorbing it into their roots
It's raining so heavy, everyone can hear the sound
Puddles form and soak the ground
A mug of hot chocolate and a novel,
I clutch in both the hands to enjoy the rainy weather,
And put on my jacket made of leather,
People rush to their homes, because of the heavy rain,
Some folks love it, while others go insane!!
Time passes by and clouds bid farewell, The sun follows by,
And a rainbow is formed at a great height
Everyone witnesses the pleasant sight!!! :)

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Comments 7
Tehzeem Nice 2 visit ur profile..Elena M also doing O levelss...which year of O leve u r now in, and the sudjects youhave opted for? Tehzeem
Oct 9th 2013
Gullasht Ooh your name is so confused so sorry from me Gullasht
Apr 17th 2013
elena M a girl "Elena" Elena
Apr 15th 2013
Gullasht R u girl or boy? Gullasht
Apr 15th 2013
elena Wsalam :) Elena
Apr 11th 2013
elena Hi I'm there.... u? Elena
Apr 11th 2013
Gullasht AsSalam.O.Alekuym Hi Elena how are u? are you online Gullasht
Apr 11th 2013

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