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Javeria Bilal
Javeria Bilal
Beaconhouse School System
Sana's Carelessness
Published On Apr 9th 2013
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One evening, Sana was thinking that if she had the new SAMSUNG NOTE 2, instead of her boring old NOKIA C5, won’t life be great. When Sana asked her mother about this her mother was shocked,” Sana we gave that to you on your 16th Birthday” Sana tried to be reasonable, “But mom, it’s very old now!” Her mother almost fainted with shock, “SANA! Your birthday was one week ago! You shouldn’t be ungrateful, God punishes does who are ungrateful. You should be happy for what you have instead of complaining that you don’t have this and that!”
The next morning, Sana carelessly left her mobile on the sofa couch. And then, as you can guess.
The next moment Sana was running all over the place for it. She shouted at her maids and even her mom if anyone had seen it. Her mother tried to calm her down, “Sana! Tell me what would happen if you had that very expensive mobile the person who would have it probably sold it. If you don’t take care of cheap and small things, how would you take care of big and expensive things? You lost it, but, alas, we know that until and unless you are capable of taking care of your things, you won’t get that mobile. Now, come and take your mobile.”
Hearing these words Sana understood that her mom had taken her mobile to teach Sana a lesson.
Now, Sana takes good care of her things and she’s never Ungrateful.

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Comments 9
Javeria Sana was 17 years old.....:) Javeria
Nov 22nd 2013
Javeria Sana was 17 years old.....:) Javeria
Nov 22nd 2013
Ali What was the age of sana Ali
Nov 16th 2013
Marwa Nice Marwa
Jul 29th 2013
 Sadia Ya its very nice good work joveria! and plz visit my website and come on chatbox and leave a message their plz : Sadia
Apr 24th 2013
Javeria Of course did u like it? Javeria
Apr 24th 2013
 Sadia NiCE have you written it by yourself ???? Sadia
Apr 21st 2013
Tooba Nice Tooba
Apr 11th 2013
Hiba Oh how carelesss....and please can u like my poems and stories Hiba
Apr 11th 2013

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