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Beaconhouse School System
Success After A Blind Path
Published On Apr 9th 2013
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"Mother! I am hungry. I need food", advand asked from dendeline. "amm.. honey, the food is on stove, come on let me take you to bed till it gets cooked.", dendeline excused from his son. Rai and dendeline are parents of Advand which lives in a muddy street of decosta. Two months back the buisness of Rai dumped because of the rumours that Rai sells the milk in which many chemicals are mixed. This made them much poor and now Rai works as a woodcutter. Some day he gets much money because of the strong wood but sometimes because of the rain the family have to stay hungry like this day.
"Advand has gone to bed?" rai asked dendeline."Yes, I told him to have your dinner in your dreams.", dendeline cried." Why is God giving us such examination?"."Dandeline trust on God. We will get good days." rai tried to relax dandeline."Let's go to bed."
A man came the next day at Rai's house. "Is Rai at home?", he asked dandeline.
"where could i meet him?"
"He's in the forest for cutting wood, you can see him there"
"Oh, thank you." and then the man moved to the forest for finding Rai. "Oh. There he is,Raiiiii!", the man shouted. Rai turned and came running to that man. "Yes", rai said. "I have a new job for you if you do a work for me.", the man told Rai.Rai was felicitous since he have been offered a job of course better than the woodcutting." Yes, Yes Sir. I will surely do anything!", rai's heart was thumping. "Tell me are you educated? I just give this job to educated ones." the man asked. "Sorry Sir, I can't do this job for you, I am not an educate." rai's faced turned once again into glumness.
"Okay, so I have one more work for you. Collect fifty pieces of wood in one hour." the man asked Rai to do. "Oh my! Sir this is near to impossible." rai once again told that he can't do this. He turned his face and start moving that the man shouted. "RAAIIIII! THIS JOB IS YOURS!"
Before turning back Rai did a sajda thanking Allah. Then he went back and the man took him to a shop near his house."This is your shop. You have to cook these things in the menu card and sell this." the man said.
"But sir, i don't know how to cook it?" rai exclaimed." Ri you forgot dandeline is perfect in making these. Get her help. What you gets in yours now, don't do bad things like short weighing. I will come someday to get my share, bye.", the man was about to move that Rai asked "sir by the way who you are?"
"One of the Worker of whom you did Sajdah." and then the man disguised.
"Dandelineeeeeee-- Advanddddd where are you?" rai came home running. "What happened?" dendeline asked. "Dandeline good days are waiting for us!", then rai told the whole story to dendeline. After that they all praised and thanked Allah the Almighty and lived happily forever!

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Comments 4
Marwa Oh My God . That is awesome . It was truly an angel . A fantastic story. Loved It <3 <3 <3 :P :P :P :) :) :) :) Marwa
Jul 27th 2013
Laibah Yah raveeha ur rite and gud story Laibah
Jul 7th 2013
raveeha it means angel,Fatima,and anyone can understand it! Raveeha
Apr 13th 2013
Tooba What does it mean "One of the worker of whom you did Sajdah"????????????????????????? Tooba
Apr 11th 2013

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