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Abdul Basith
Abdul Basith
Radhwa International School,yanbu
The Three Questions
Published On Feb 10th 2011
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teacher:who is the president on india?

student:i dont know

teacher:what does hen lay?

student:i dont know

teacher:what is the highest speed of a car?

student:i dont know

teacher:go to your home and ask your mother

---------------AT HOME----------------------

student:who is the president of india?

mother:prathiba patil

student:what does hen lay?


student:what is the highest speed of a car?

mother:220km per hour

---------------AT SCHOOL-------------------

teacher:say fast the answers i have to go to a meeting

(the student was confused)

student:er.....prathiba patil lay eggs at 220km per hour
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Comments 19
Berha LOL funny Berha
Apr 7th 2017
Gul Noor Read it!!! Gul Noor
Nov 4th 2013
Raniah Veryyy nice . . . . very g00d excellent . . really O_o . . . Raniah
Sep 13th 2012
Sidra Hahaha lol Sidra
Feb 21st 2012
Bareera Vry funny lolz Bareera
Sep 9th 2011
Urooj Veryyyyyyyy funnnnnnnnnnny i have haerd it but instead of indian president it was speaker of pakistan assembly!!!! Urooj
Aug 15th 2011
rOcKiNgUrL mInA Its realy so funny kool and funnky joke realy lolz1!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rockingurl Mina
Mar 11th 2011
rabia @ayesha lolz means laugh out loud or lots of love Rabia
Mar 5th 2011
ayesha Can any one explain the means of looolz Ayesha
Mar 4th 2011
ayesha Why you write always Looooooolz Ayesha
Feb 27th 2011
sfz Ha ha ha a good joke Ha ha hhaaaaaaa! ha ha ha ha ha x 1000 Sfz
Feb 25th 2011
Muslim Hehehehe i told this joke to my friend and he laughed as well. He doesn't usually laugh that much at jokes, nice one! Muslim
Feb 20th 2011
ayesha Hahahahah very funny Ayesha
Feb 20th 2011
Pivak Looooooolz Pivak
Feb 19th 2011
Minhil Hahahahahaha:) nice one! Minhil
Feb 16th 2011
Marium =) Funny joke Marium
Feb 13th 2011
Arqam Very funny Arqam
Feb 12th 2011
Mehwish Good joke.....=) Mehwish
Feb 10th 2011
abdul Lol very funny Abdul
Feb 10th 2011

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