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Areeqa Hayee
Areeqa Hayee
The City School Kapco Chapter Kot Addu Pakistan
What’s In A Name?
Published On Apr 5th 2013
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That embarrassing moment for Davey,
When he was being taunted by the bully,
Where he was? In the playground
and could be seen by the whole school.
What were the other children doing?
Some were laughing and teasing
But some felt ashamed,
Ashamed for what? For Davey
What a bad boy he was.
Who? The bully.
and the children who were copying him.
and Davey couldn't do anything.
Some precious children
Deciding to help the boy were like stars,
because of the little angels,
Davey got freedom, but the bully's attitude finished!

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Comments 12
areeqa Meerab mera dil garden garden ho gia..:D Areeqa
Nov 29th 2014
Meerab Amin Great cheers up for areeqa Meerab Amin
Nov 17th 2014
areeqa Thanx laiba! :D Areeqa
Sep 4th 2013
LyeBa Gud 1...! Lyeba
Aug 11th 2013
areeqa Thanx! Areeqa
Jun 9th 2013
Soha Gr8!!! Soha
Jun 7th 2013
areeqa Thanx alot meerab! Areeqa
May 18th 2013
Meerab Amin The same tittle which we read in class but more interesting then that Meerab Amin
May 17th 2013
areeqa Thanx guys! Areeqa
May 7th 2013
Zahra Its c0ol Zahra
Apr 11th 2013
sana Its awesome!!! Sana
Apr 10th 2013
areeqa Hows it! ive written it by myself........ Areeqa
Apr 6th 2013

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