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Owais Shaikh
Owais Shaikh
A Four Year Story
Published On Feb 15th 2011
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Once a king tells who can tell me a story that can go on for 4 years. The next day all the nobles start their story but none of them could go on for 4 years. At last a clever man comes and tells I will tell you a story that go not for 4 but 5 years. The king accepts and tells him to narrate his story. The man begins, once there was a king who had built a large godown and put all the grains in it and closed it from all the sides. After that 100200 sparrows came and wanted to eat all that grain but could not eat it because the godown was closed from all sides. But one sparrow discovered a hole that was open, then she told to all the sparrows about this. Then one sparrow goes inside eats some grain and comes out, then the second sparrow goes inside eats some grain and come out, like this the man tells the whole month. At last the king was fed up due to this story and tells the man to go.

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Comments 3
May 30th 2013
rOcKiNgUrL mInA Its a history of owais Rockingurl Mina
Mar 18th 2011
Pivak Hahahahahaha its very funny... Pivak
Feb 19th 2011

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