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Manal Khalid
Manal Khalid
Usman Public
Wacky Night
Published On Apr 3rd 2013
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it was almost mid night and then i heard a crack of lightning.and after a moment the room was filled with darkness.for a second light appeared showing a scary face filled with scratches and blood.i was so scared that i even could not move my leg to run.i heard a voice saying'come to dinner sweetie,i have made food from a persons flesh!!!'and then the smell of burning meat filled the air.i felt something tugging me towards the fire burning at the corner of the room the more i tried to kick it away the more tighter it holded my leg.'what is going on and who is here in my house.what do you want!!' i cried 'all we want is for you to say sorry for your silly little prank you did on me today' the voice replied 'i dont know what you are talking about but i am sorry'i said 'now if you have learned your lesson then we may leave you'the mysterious person cried and the lights or my room were then switched on i saw my sister and my cousins wearing wierd costumes and laughing.i soon got to know that my sister had planned this to get me back for scaring her in the evening but if course i will get her back and it will be even scarier......................................Wink
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Comments 19
Noorul IN WHICH CAMPUS DO YOU STUDY ????????????????????? Noorul
Oct 5th 2014
manal Thnx ali and amn..... Manal
Jan 30th 2014
KHAN Cool as ice Khan
Jan 4th 2014
Amna I do apreciate ur work Amna
Oct 25th 2013
manal They diden't actually burn it, it was a trick! Manal
Sep 15th 2013
Anam But how did the cousins burn meat? Anam
Sep 14th 2013
Rafia It is laibah.............. Rafia
Sep 1st 2013
Laibah Nahh................................ not cool Laibah
Jul 9th 2013
mary Aggh i was iqwizzetive so boring Mary
May 28th 2013
manal I did not know it was that scary! Manal
May 10th 2013
kashmala I was really scared manal that i couldnt even sleep in the night... i really had nightmares.!!!!!!!!!! :) Kashmala
May 10th 2013
Zahra :) Zahra
Apr 18th 2013
manal Thanks you all....:) Manal
Apr 9th 2013
Arouba Nice..!! Arouba
Apr 8th 2013
Javeria Prank! Javeria
Apr 6th 2013
manal Thanks you all Manal
Apr 5th 2013
Javeria NICE!!!!!!!!!!!! Javeria
Apr 5th 2013
Fatima Nice Fatima
Apr 5th 2013
manal Cool! Manal
Apr 4th 2013

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