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Akifa Hassan
Akifa Hassan
Jinnah College
Narrating Poem
Published On Apr 1st 2013
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Let’s narrate a poem, I fancy
But oblivious to the theme for time being
Watch out for fiction, description and obscurity
Writing a poem is not so obstacle free
Nature, creature, stature and satire
All of these are commonly described
War and peace, perhaps love discrete
Or rhymes suit someone special to greet.
Parents, siblings, either the whole family
Truly I love them really deep
Friends are charm, don’t they part
Without them world is dry, fun gone
But what shall I write and what’s in my mind
This is the question for now prime
Past has gone, even present has shown
Future might be a genre fine somehow
But still can’t decide it, it could be quite divine
But I’m not so religious so put that aside
Something I know about life is its doom
For that time we should learn and groom
Oh! What a blunder has my mind done all through the lines
Whether the subject’s sad or glee I wonder this behind.
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Comments 2
akifa Thnx Akifa
May 2nd 2013
Arouba's very nice! Arouba
Apr 20th 2013

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