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Muhammad Usama
Muhammad Usama
Aga Khan School, Kharadar
What To Write
Published On Apr 1st 2013
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I was waiting for the Story Writing Competition. My English teacher had said to me that we would write a story on that day so I became very excited and waited for day to come. Finally after many days, which seemed to me like a whole year that day came. I went to the school and sat in class quietly. Then the teacher came and said, “Children, today we are going to write a story. You can write a story about anything you like.” So I began to think that what I should write. But still, I was not able to think about anything. I tried so hard but it was of no use. The period ended but I still had not written anything. After the school was over, I decided to look over the internet for ideas. I also saw some Tips on writing a story but I still had no idea what to write.
After I was tired, I decided to a pay a visit to my uncle. He used to keep animal and I liked to play with his animal, whenever I was tired or bored I would visit him. He had a dog, some hens, a goat and a sheep. He also had a land in the country and whenever he went there, he took me with him. This all gave me an idea why not write a story that involves a farmer, animals and people. But it’s too plain, it needs some spice. Why not add a robbery in it. I know, I should make it an investigation story.
I began to write my story and it went like this:
A group of friends were on a farm when they heard a strange noise from the abandoned barn. They decided to investigate. So they went to the door of the barn and when they opened the barn they laughed, laughed and laughed because they saw that some animals were living in that place that included a cow, a dog, two sheeps, and three hens. They were the cause of the noise. Suddenly a strange man appeared from nowhere and moved toward the barn who had worn a black hat, old slippers, white Shalwar Qameez and a piece of cloth that covered his mouth. That man looked like a farmer from his appearance. When the friends heard him coming they all hid near the barn.
Just as the man was about to take the animals, one of the boy stood up and said, “Who are you and where are you taking the animals!” When the man heard this, he said in a trembling voice, “These are my animals and I kept them here because someone has captured my land and I have no other place to keep them and no one is ready to help me.” When they heard this, they immediately started to talk with each other. After some time they said,” okay, we will help you to get your land back.” When he heard them say this, his eyes shown like to sparkly diamonds and said, “Thank you! No one has been so kind to me.” All of the friends asked the details about the man who had stolen the poor farmer’s land and went to the police and told them about the land.
Then the police caught the man who had committed the crime and put him in prison. Then the friends told the farmer the good news and when the farmer heard this he burst into cries of joy and thanks them.
The End
Then I submitted my story for the story writing competition. After a month, the results were announced and I won! I just could not believe my eyes and my ears.

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Comments 8
Ibrahim Nice story but there are a lot of ways for writing a story and i am too happy you search ways for writing a story.if in this age we start searching ways for writing then we will be great writer.Many person among us write article story poem with out searching ways.and there article story didn't get published then they get disappointed and they leave writing...................................... Ibrahim
Aug 18th 2013
Marwa An excellent one :) Marwa
Jul 22nd 2013
Tooba Very nice story.... sometimes our mind stops imagining.or i shud say thinking.... Tooba
Jun 7th 2013
Muhammad Thanx Muhammad
Apr 8th 2013
Muhammad Yes it it true and i got the certificate from my school Muhammad
Apr 8th 2013
Gullasht Good job Gullasht
Apr 5th 2013
fatima Excellent story!!! is it true?? Fatima
Apr 3rd 2013
Hiba Good1 Hiba
Apr 3rd 2013

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