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Muhammad Owais
Muhammad Owais
The City School
The Optimists
Published On Mar 27th 2013
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March 2013

Rank 9 Out of 10
Although our weapons are down,
But our morale is still high,
Although we have lost our crown,
But we still don't cry,
Although you have completely ruined our lives,
But we still don't grasp those knives,
Although we have lost the war,
But our victory is still not far,
You might be the charm of yesterday,
But we are the glamour of today,
You might be the man of yesterday,
But we are the generation of today,
O'fools, don't boast of this worldly might,
It is not going to last long,
O'fools, don't boast this worldly height,
It is just a temporary song.
Dedicated to the people of Gaza who are Doomed.

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Comments 21
Muhammad I got stationary pack with geometry and other things as I needed... Muhammad
Apr 26th 2013
 Sadia Nice and congrats what u got ? Sadia
Apr 23rd 2013
Mairah Good effort nice! Mairah
Apr 21st 2013
akifa Too good.. :) Akifa
Apr 15th 2013
Muhammad Congrats, BTW, aweSome poem and tribute :) Muhammad
Apr 14th 2013
Gullasht Thankyou Gullasht
Apr 12th 2013
talha Great* Talha
Apr 12th 2013
Muhammad To you as-well Muhammad
Apr 11th 2013
Gullasht Congrulation Gullasht
Apr 11th 2013
M Salman Allaaaaaaaaa , awsome bro.....weldone! M Salman
Apr 7th 2013
Omer Nice Omer
Apr 7th 2013
Muhammad MGWU Muhammad
Apr 7th 2013
areeqa Thats fantastic! keep it up!!! BTW what was ur prize??? Areeqa
Apr 6th 2013
manal Nice......... Manal
Apr 3rd 2013
Soha Awesome! Soha
Apr 3rd 2013
Rabita Wow nice poem:) Rabita
Apr 2nd 2013
Muhammad Thank you all of you....!!! Muhammad
Apr 2nd 2013
aasiya Humm nyc!which shows ur dedication towards the country! Aasiya
Apr 2nd 2013
Soha Nice! Soha
Apr 2nd 2013
Bakhtawar Awesome dear :-) Bakhtawar
Apr 1st 2013
rabia Wow nice poem Rabia
Apr 1st 2013

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