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Muhammad Owais
Muhammad Owais
The City School
The Man Of The Mystery
Published On Mar 28th 2013
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I was happy until I lost the sight of Jack and ran over to ground floor and took my (Dave’s) Corvette and rushed to the warehouse before he gets to. I clocked my I mean his car at over 110m.p.h*. I took many risks, just for money I have chance to get at that random moment. That when I found Dave taking a round outside of his café. I was excited to get any of the ‘quests’ he had to give me.  I was horrified seeing my bro waiting out there for him!!! I was hiding my face-over to let the thing began without his interruptions. Dave arrived, gave me a paper written something on which like “Hit my Corvette at 100m.p.h to get you the next step”. I thought where would that exotic car would be in here? I was shocked when I saw it in the V.I.P Car parking area, at least I paid a grand (1000) of U.S.D. By the way now I know why Jack needed a grand dollar from Dad’s fields. I saw another Corvette beside me having the same quest giving me frustrations that who would do it first. I thought airport road in downtown would be best to gain the speed. I gave the car its best shot and at lastly hit 105m.p.h! Next I got my quest in a funny way; the car automatic hit the brakes and the air bag smashed out to with a paper came. In which was written “I want u to go to the building beside you on the left”. I was impressed at the accuracy of that man! I went there hit all the clues and finally got the binocular which ‘sat’ upon the keys of door to the terrace. I wondered where the next clue might be on the terrace. A hint popped in my mind that I should see what is not hidden but ‘unhighlighted’ in the area thus I searched “Go to ahead!”  written on flag. I searched the city for another clue where to go. I saw the warehouse in which was written “Dave Ahead” so I choose it to be my next point. Saw Jack in the Corvette going to the warehouse! I was too much conscious that I must not lose his sight or he will run away.*Reached there before him tried to open the door but till time was out and Jack finally reached there what would he do of course beat me up and ran away inside alone, children first I have heard so a bomb exploded inside he Dave cheated us where should our placed be? IN HELL OR IN HEAVEN?
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Comments 5
Muhammad Hmm?Really? First one to complement on this pic.... Muhammad
Jul 27th 2013
Marwa About which gift dr gullasht Marwa
Jul 22nd 2013
Gullasht AOA I want to that this is you looking good Gullasht
Jun 18th 2013
Muhammad WA Gullasht, Yes, Obviously its my real pic... By the way why did you asked 'bout it? Muhammad
Jun 15th 2013
Gullasht AOA MOHD i also, get my gift but fatima can't take her gift n BTW its your real pic.tell me ?............. Gullasht
May 13th 2013

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