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Muslim Islam
Muslim Islam
Published On Feb 8th 2011
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there was a man trying to cross a river when he saw another man on the other side, he asked the man:

how did you get to the other side?!

other man: you are on the other side!

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Comments 23
Zuhaa Its really bad !! hahahah I was just joking its gr8 and plz don't mind what I said o.k Zuhaa
Jul 16th 2012
@@F!y@ Funny =D @@f!y@
Feb 15th 2012
Zainab Hahahahahahaha stupid guy Zainab
Sep 25th 2011
Muslim Sorry I dont remember writing "I'm awesome" Muslim
Aug 26th 2011
Muslim I am awesome! Muslim
Jun 21st 2011
Aleena @ ayesha wy are you asking? Aleena
Mar 6th 2011
rabia Sorry but ur joke doesn't make any sense..... Rabia
Mar 5th 2011
ayesha What is your real name sweet Ayesha
Mar 4th 2011
sfz Not a funny joke Sfz
Feb 27th 2011
Muslim Explain yurself plz menahil Muslim
Feb 26th 2011
Muslim I am 12 1/2 years old an I study in class 7 Muslim
Feb 26th 2011
Minhil Yes Shammas i did...thankyou fot the explaination...if u dont mind can u tell me yur age and class.... Minhil
Feb 21st 2011
Muslim @menahil explanation: It seemed as if the first man was on the other side for the second man because it was a mirror image and the 2nd man was also very dumb. Did you understand now? please tell me if you did. Muslim
Feb 20th 2011
ayesha Hahahah you r brilliant Ayesha
Feb 20th 2011
Pivak Hahahahaha very funny... Pivak
Feb 19th 2011
Aleena Dearest Wafa! I will tell you how to send story on VSHINE! vshine website. when its home page will be open then log in and then click on MY PAGE !
2.Click on stories.
3.Click on "add page".
4.Now choose "stories" from the "category"
5.Write your title in the title box , And then write your story in the given space below!
6. At the end submit your story!
Feb 19th 2011
Minhil I didnt understand it can u explain me...... Minhil
Feb 16th 2011
Muslim Try sending an email to (V SHINE magazine) with your article, i think. Muslim
Feb 14th 2011
Feb 12th 2011
Feb 12th 2011
Muhammad Not soooooooo brilliant Muhammad
Feb 11th 2011
Masood Hahahahahahah!! really nice and creative joke, absolutely brrrrilllliaaannnntt!!! Masood
Feb 8th 2011
Muslim Please comment i want to know what you think, it doesn't matter if you say that this joke is really bad. Muslim
Feb 8th 2011

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