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Naba Salahuddin
Naba Salahuddin
Geography Project
Published On Mar 26th 2013
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21st March 2013
Dear Editor,
We are a group of students of The City School, P.A.F Chapter, Karachi.  We are doing a project on “Tourism in Pakistan “. We are here to discuss the climatic conditions / problems faced in the Himalayan Mountain Ranges and also ask some questions regarding the tourism industry.
Firstly the Himalayan climate varies according to altitude. It gets colder as the altitude increases and gets wet as the altitude drops. The climate ranges from tropical at the foot of the mountains to eternal ice and snow at the highest elevations. The amount of annual rainfall increases from west to east along the front of the range. The temperature and climate in the region changes very quickly. These erratic climate conditions make the region quite unpredictable and dangerous. There are two major seasons in the region - winter and summer. During winter, the region receives maximum snow with sub-zero temperatures. Summer is quite mild, making the place perfect for tourism. Animals such as tigers, leopards, rhinoceroses, antelopes and a variety of deer at one time inhabited the forested areas of the Tari plain and the Sub-Himalayan foothills. Above the tree line, the most common animals are diverse types of insects, spiders, and mites, which are the only animals that can survive as high as 20,700 feet. The fish live in the Himalayan streams, while the Himalayan water shrew inhabits stream banks. The butterflies found in the Himalayas vary extensively, especially those which are very rare.
We would like to ask some questions regarding the Tourism industry.
The Himalayan Mountain Ranges are very Beautiful and interesting, so why don’t tourists come here?
There are a lot of fun activities like Skiing, Hiking, Trekking, Camping etc, so why is there not a better management for the activities?
Thank you for taking out your time for reading this. I hope that you reply to this letter soon.
Yours sincerely,
Advisory Group,
(Safaat, Huzaifa, Zain, Abdullah)
The City School,
P.A.F Chapter,
Karachi, Pakistan.

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Jul 5th 2013

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