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Arwa Ayan
Arwa Ayan
Karachi Public School
A Dream I Saw
Published On Mar 25th 2013
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In our life we saw many dreams. Whatever it is good or bad. There are some dreams we can never forget for some reason. The same way, I can never forget this dream that happened in my life.                
One day, I was sleeping and I was seeing the dream of my Aunty had come to our house. We were watching a horror movie named "Black witch ". There was a witch and her face was full black. Suddenly the door was knocked I went and opened the door. There was a women standing on a door she was in a black gown. She came to me. I shouted in sleep then I opened my eyes my whole family standing around me asking from why I was shouted then I told my dream all of them started laughing and I also started laughing with them.
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Comments 13
Urooj So cute dp I lovee tis dp. Accept my request 😄please I want to be your friend. Urooj
Jul 6th 2017
Taibah Pls add me Taibah
May 12th 2016
Samreen syeda fatima i m also in grade 11 doing fsc pre med!i also passed my matriculation in that year when your brother got position.congratz!mashallah whats ur age? Samreen
Jun 15th 2014
Hamza Waqas Fatima I have seen your page at wonderful. Hamza Waqas
Nov 20th 2013
Izza A0A..!! g00d prayerx 4 ur bro'x succes are always here..!! n hv ur school opnd? hw was it?? n hw r u?? n B@rAkillah...!! Izza
Aug 20th 2013
Arwa Thnx Izza baji bro's name Syed Muhammad Usman Ali Board karachi board School Waves Grammar School and Age 17 :) Arwa
Aug 17th 2013
Rafia Really nyc........... :) Rafia
Aug 5th 2013
Izza A0A...!! SUBH@NALLAH...M@SHALLAH...!! May ur brother get succes like dis at every step & m0ment f hix life...May ALLAH make hix em@@n str0ng (AMEEN SUM AMEEN)...u know i always dreamt to be a b0ard t0pper but i nvr get da opportunity...;(... but ur br0 ix!! I g0t too pleased dat u shared ur H@PPINESS wid me...May ALLAH bless u wid all da happines & succes in dis world (AMEEN SUM AMEEN)...Um...give me ur bro'x interview..watx his name? board? school? age??? waitin' eagerly 4 ur rply...;) Take C@re.. Izza
Aug 4th 2013
Andlib Good one Andlib
Jul 15th 2013
Arwa Thanks:) :) doctor Arwa
Jul 14th 2013
Gullasht AsSalam.0.Alekuim!!... "RAMADAN MUBARAK" Dear @Syeda May Allah give you courage you collect too much NAKIYA and May Allah Bless you in this mouth (AMEEN) keep remember me in your's prays. Gullasht
Jul 11th 2013
Salwa Waooooooo......!!!!!!!! The dreamy girl...............!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Salwa
Jun 21st 2013
afifah Ha ha.. Afifah
Apr 12th 2013

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