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Sara Khan
Sara Khan
Delhi Public School-modern Indian School Doha Qatar
Published On Mar 25th 2013
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What is black when we buy it, red when we use it and grey when we throw it?
What gets wetter and wetter as it dries?
c'mon guys! I know you can find the ans.
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Comments 21
mashal Its obvious.. coal n towel.. :P Mashal
Nov 3rd 2014
Nuzhat 1. coal 2. towel i knew it and i have not cheated Nuzhat
Dec 26th 2013
mary Isent newspaper Mary
May 24th 2013
Shayan Ofcourse Coal and Towel Shayan
May 8th 2013
Marwa Coal and towel are the both answers Marwa
May 5th 2013
Aiza Same as Huziafa Aiza
Apr 24th 2013
fareeha 1)COAL 2)TOWEL Fareeha
Apr 16th 2013
Apr 5th 2013
fatima Coal towel Fatima
Apr 5th 2013
samiah Coal and towel Samiah
Mar 31st 2013
rabia Pl answer this q where was the first areplane flew? Rabia
Mar 31st 2013
Wajeeha Coal and towel =) Wajeeha
Mar 30th 2013
raveeha 2. towel Raveeha
Mar 30th 2013
mashal Agreeeeed wd huzaifa.... :P Mashal
Mar 30th 2013
fatima 1st is coal and 2nd is towel rite................ Fatima
Mar 30th 2013
anashara A)Coal b)towel Anashara
Mar 28th 2013
areesha A1 coal a2 towel it is very easy ican ask you a difficult one Areesha
Mar 27th 2013
Sara Great huzaifa Sara
Mar 27th 2013
Tasneem 1)coal 2)towel Tasneem
Mar 27th 2013
Khadijah I agree with Huzaifa Khadijah
Mar 26th 2013
Huzaifa Answer to the first Q is coal answer to the second Q is towel Huzaifa
Mar 26th 2013

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