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Arouba Malik
Arouba Malik
The City School(ravi Campus)
Secret Of Happiness (part I)
Published On Mar 25th 2013
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‘Oh, mom’ said Amna, ‘I’ve got to write something on this boring topic’.’What’s the topic dear?’ asked her mother,’ I’ll see if I can help you in any way.’
Amna, her parents’ only daughter, lived in a small house. Her life was simple, opposite to her wishes, to live a luxurious life in a grand house. Her mother was a sweet, hardworking house-wife whereas her father worked in a factory.
Life was hard but the small family was quite happy except Amna who thought happiness could only be gain by living in a grand palace and owning every expensive thing.
‘Secret of happiness!’ said Amna, rather dismally, ‘everyone knows what the secret of happiness is …. It’s just a waste of time to write on It.’ completed Amna.
‘But you ever wondered if everyone knows the secret than why it is still called a ‘secret’?’Asked her mother,’ I don’t get it!’ complained Amna.
‘I mean only intelligent person can understand the real secret of happiness.’ her mother explained. ‘You mean that I’m not intelligent’ asked Amna, ‘of course you are intelligent dear but unless you won’t go deep into your heart and realize what makes you the most happy, you…’, ‘deep into what mother?’ interrupted Amna, getting impatient. ‘Modern technology and luxurious life is all a person needs to be happy, have you ever seen any person who have all this and still unhappy?’
‘Er..’Started Amna’s mother but she could not finish because Amna interrupted her, ‘no, the answer is no!’
‘It’s alright if you think that way dear, but surely one day you’ll come to know what the real secret of happiness is.’

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Comments 11
Arouba Ty Nazish :) Arouba
Feb 10th 2014
nazish Going gr8 arouba dear.! Nazish
Dec 16th 2013
Arouba Anam... ya i thought the same n i hve written all parts but em way too busy to write it :'( Arouba
Oct 13th 2013
Anam Its a great story do send the next part but........Maybe you can add something like amna does get a luxurious life but still she is unhappy?hmmmmm? Anam
Sep 15th 2013
Arouba Hmm... i'll see anyway thnx Arouba
Jun 6th 2013
Khadijah Maybe you can write it in comments..... Khadijah
Jun 4th 2013
Arouba Frndzz......... i need some help! although i have written the second part but it's really boring and i would be so glad if you could give me suggestions! I am in need of great ideas........... pls do give... Arouba
Apr 20th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Nice.make the 2nd part as soon as possible Maarij Maqsood
Apr 2nd 2013
rabia Arouba its a very good story please make it continue fast Rabia
Mar 31st 2013
Arouba I'm on my way Arouba
Mar 28th 2013
Khadijah Please send the next part as soon as possible. Khadijah
Mar 26th 2013

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