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Manal Khalid
Manal Khalid
Usman Public
A Haunted House
Published On Mar 25th 2013
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It was pitched dark and I was near to the so called "haunted house"' but I didn't believe in those stories. People said that they had heard weird noises coming from inside the house at night and that there were dead bodies inside it. I had made a bet with my friends that I am brave and that I would go inside the house alone. I opened the door with a creak and went inside. I saw skeletons and blood splattered on the floor. Since I didn't want to lose the bet' I went further inside and found knives and other stuff. Then I saw a lab coat with the name Dr. Steve attached to it. Puzzled, I went in another room and found test tubes lying on the floor. I figured that this was the house of a scientist who had died and used to study the human body. When I was leaving, I saw Owls sitting on a tree next to the house."So that's where the weird noises come from." I thought. I told my friends about the things I had seen in the house. They were shocked but since I had won the bet, they had to treat me to ice-cream.
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Comments 18
Marwa A nice one but you would have put something big on the bet !!!!! Marwa
Jul 22nd 2013
kashmala Nice story manal.... Kashmala
May 10th 2013
manal Thanks fatima Manal
Apr 5th 2013
Fatima Nice Fatima
Apr 5th 2013
manal Thanks tasbiha and javeria!...:) Manal
Apr 4th 2013
fatima Gud 1 Fatima
Apr 3rd 2013
Javeria Greatt!!!!! Javeria
Apr 3rd 2013
hadya It is nice Hadya
Mar 31st 2013
manal I love your story'my alien friend' it is a great idea for a story i wish i had chosen it!!.and congragzzz for being the feburary winner.(you are lucky!):D Manal
Mar 30th 2013
manal Thank you SAAD,i liked yours too it was great:D Manal
Mar 30th 2013
Saad Nice Story Manal..... :) Saad
Mar 29th 2013
rabia Hey Izza! you are also good in writing comments would u like 2 b my friend? Rabia
Mar 29th 2013
manal Thanks i am sure we will hava lots of fun together!!!! Manal
Mar 29th 2013
manal Of course i am a girl! Manal
Mar 28th 2013
Izza A0A...!! Manal..y n0t giRl.........??? letxxx b frendxxx...!! welc0me t0 my frendshiP...................!! :-).......... Izza
Mar 28th 2013
Eraj Is this a true story manal? Eraj
Mar 27th 2013
manal So here,i am manal khalid and in usman public school. i love books would you like to be my friend izza?? Manal
Mar 26th 2013
Izza A0A....! Manal,,, nice name!!! welc0me t0 VSHINE (Multilingual children portal)......u can b a great writer....jxt keeep writin'......nice t0 see ya here...!!! I appreciate ur story writing skillxxx...........................................pleeexxx introduce urself t0 meee if u like t000000.............................!!!!! Izza
Mar 26th 2013

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