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Fatima  Qasim
Fatima Qasim
A Man Form 12th Century
Published On Mar 21st 2013
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A scientist in our times came up with a mechanism that could bring ancient people to life. When this news entered Hina’s ears she was over the moon. She asked her parents to meet that marvellous inventor and the man he will bring back to life. Her father was a police officer and it took too long for Hina to convince him finally she was permitted.
Next day Hina with her parents went to meet the inventor. He gave Hina a warm welcome. She asked him about the process that is spreading curiosity throughout the world. And scientist invited her to see it practically herself. He moved towards an enormous box like machine and pressed several buttons on it that Hina lost count. After a few moment out came a man in strange clothes he was from 12th century. Hina moved forward and scanned the face of the man she recognized that he belongs to subcontinent. As she was good at history she knew that Hindi was spoken commonly in subcontinent in 12th century. So she could communicate with him as she spoke Urdu.
That man spoke in a voice that showed wonder (pointing towards the bulb): “what kind of lantern is that?”
Hina replied: “it’s a bulb. It’s an advance kind of lantern”. She could not hide her excitement and she looked happy.
Man: “are you happy that a new type of lantern is invented?”
This was the time for them to reveal the truth. When he heard it he tried to run out of the lab but Hina’s father held him and Hina could see the change of colour on her father’s face when he held the man. Hina convinced the man that they won’t harm him. So now he felt friendly, which gave Hina an opportunity to interview the man.
She asked: “what is your name?”
He said: “Nasir, and by the way is that a musical instrument?”(Pointing to the laptop on which Hina was saving the interview)
Hina: “oh no it is laptop, a kind of computer. Computer is a machine that accepts input, processes it and gives output”.
Nasir: “oh wow!! That’s cool we don’t have anything like that in our times”
Hina:  “who is the current ruler of the subcontinent?”
Nasir: “Razia sultana. She is the first Muslim female ruler.”
Meanwhile Hina’s mobile phone rang and Nasir said: “oh I think its doorbell, I shall get it”.
Hina:  “oh no it’s my cell phone this enables you to talk to your friends without going to them and without writing letters. See”.
She dialled a call and talked a little. When Nasir heard conversation on mobile phone he was amazed. Hina noticed her father’s eyes were glued on the inventor and inventor seemed uncomfortable. Suddenly her father fetched the inventor’s throat, took out his cell phone and barked: “I have got that evil inventor that was in our jail 14 years before and now he has tricked my daughter.” Soon police men entered the lab, grabbed the inventor and dragged him to their car. Hina couldn’t understand what happened, when her father saw the surprised expression on her face he held her and said: “that inventor is a criminal; he had been in our jail. I had seen the chip on the back of this man (nasir) and he is a robot. This inventor always tricked people by his false inventions. And always remember no one except ALLAH can bring things back to life”.

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Comments 9
hibba Very gud effort im same ur age and class i dont think i can write such gud story keeo it up Hibba
Jan 3rd 2014
Rida NICE Rida
Aug 5th 2013
Uswah Great work!!!!!!!!! Amazing story and nice moral! Keep it up! I love these type of stories please everyone send more great and awesome stories!!!!! I like to read stories but i dont like to write stories but i like writing poems and songs!!!!!!! Pray that my poem "Little Brothers " get published!!!!!!!! ^_^ <3 the story!!! Uswah
Jul 9th 2013
Soha I like it and Tasbiha, in your profile it's written that you are in class 7 but in ABOUT ME it's written in class 4.. ???? Soha
Apr 7th 2013
Izma GOOD:) Izma
Apr 5th 2013
Gullasht Thank you tasbiha 4 aprcaite me Gullasht
Apr 5th 2013
Wajeeha Amazing!! =) Wajeeha
Mar 30th 2013
Khadijah I liked the story very much. Khadijah
Mar 24th 2013
Hiba Toooooo loooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggg.....does it seem good? or if i write to the point like 2 LONG....THIS IS ATTRACTIVE AND SIMPLE. so please we want quality not quantity Hiba
Mar 23rd 2013

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