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Rabia Niaz
Rabia Niaz
Beaconhouse School System
The Great Pyramid And Pharaohs
Published On Mar 20th 2013
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When it was built around four thousand years ago, The Great Pyramid was biggest building on Earth. In those days the tallest thing people had ever seen was a great big tree. Can you imagine what they thought when they saw it? The Great Pyramid was 140 meters high and its base spread out over an area of 13 acres (that is more than 8 football pitches).But the Great Pyramid wasn’t one-off. Over a hundred pyramids are still dotted among the sands of Egypt. The pyramids were built by Pharaohs (pronounced as Fair-Ro's).They were designed to keep the Pharaohs body and soul safe after his death. The Egyptian believed that if they didn’t watch over their dead Pharaoh's, their God would get angry and punish them with drought, invasion, plague and all-round rotten time. So each Pyramid was a giant tomb and somewhere inside it was the coffin of Pharaohs and belongings which he needed in the next life. Now you're probably saying to yourself 'I can see why they might decide to build a tomb to keep their dead ruler safe, but why have to be in the shape of gigantic pyramid? Well the answer to this question is erring!!! This is the question that even experts can't answer but i think the really liked toblerone!!!!!!!
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