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Abdul Hafeez
Abdul Hafeez
Lahore Grammer School (landmark)
A Bag Of Laughs
Published On Mar 19th 2013
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Teacher: If you breathe in oxygen during the day, what do you breathe in at night?
Pupil: Night-trogen
Why was the math book sad?
Because it had too many problems.
What did one ear say to the other?
Between you and me, we need a haircut.
What do you call a dinosaur that wrecks everything in sight?
A Tyrannosaurus Wreck!
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Comments 5
Emel Nice point by Irfan!!!!!!!!! Emel
Aug 6th 2013
irfan Poetry writer is a poet are you a joker???!!!!:-! Irfan
Jun 20th 2013
Gullasht Not a good one well good power to written in a international magazine page good Gullasht
Apr 5th 2013
Wajeeha Nice try =) Wajeeha
Mar 30th 2013
Hiba Was i supposed to laugh? if so then sorry....cant as i ts awfully bad Hiba
Mar 23rd 2013

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