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Iman Shahid
Iman Shahid
The Wacky Lunch Break
Published On Mar 19th 2013
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Wacky Lunch Break
At ISG Jubail School, January 16th, 2013, 11:43 AM, it’s lunch break for Junior High.
Things are getting wacky in Mr. Rampling’s classroom. A bunch of grade 6 kids are walking into the room carrying their lunch boxes. They start opening their lunches and eating. They start talking about all sorts of things. Once in a while, kids walk in, or walk out. People are sitting everywhere; on desks, chairs, and couches. Since it’s their lunch break, everyone is doing whatever they want. They are yelling for people, running around, and talking loudly. A couple of kids finished eating, and went to the book shelf. They bring back books to show to everyone, calling their friends to come and see. A couple of people are still starving and are asking for food. They go around saying, “Do you have something to eat?” The others are nice enough to give some junk food around. Everyone is delighted that it’s lunch break. It’s their chance to go and have some fun.
A few children walk over to the two fish tanks at the back of the room. They began exclaiming over the fat fishes, telling anyone around which fish they like the best. A boy starts saying, “Ooh! That one’s going to have babies! And so is that one! And that one!” A few girls at a table pack their lunch bags but continue to talk. It doesn’t look like they are going anywhere for a while! The talking gets louder, and louder. Kids walk to the trash can and throw their trash away. A few kids come over to me to talk, but I tell them I am busy observing them, and they looked surprised, but they just started doing even more wackier things! A few girls start tickling each other and they started squealing and running away. A boy sitting at a table with his friends randomly started singing and clapping his hands, (not mentioning names!). Some kids quickly went to their lockers to get their homework that they either didn’t finish the night before, or they just didn’t want homework for the day…
Mr. Rampling walks into the room and takes a look around, and heads over to his desk. As he sat down, a few kids ran up to him and ask him about what they got on their test scores. I look around and see a person doing a freaky dance next to me. I tell her that I am observing them and she looked proud. She continued her dance. I sigh and look away. I overhear a few people bragging about their test scores. As I was writing information down, I heard a huge crash that blasted in my ear. As a boy was standing up, he had knocked over his chair. Everyone went back to what they were doing. I hear a girl laughing so loudly, making weird sounds. Everyone looked at her and burst out laughing as well. Soon, the whole class was full of laughter.
A few kids started leaving the room. They went out to put their lunch boxes in their lockers and to collect their books for the next class. People start coming in the room and head to the other door. They sneak outside, even though there was a sign on the door that said, “Please use the other door.” I look over at Mr. Rampling. He was eating spaghetti…yum…The class started to empty, but not that much. Some kids talk to Mr. Rampling, trying to make him proud of them. My eyes start to wander away. I hear some grunts and groans. I look down, and see one of my friends doing push-ups. Suddenly, a boy yells, “Don’t drop my milk!” A few moments later, he says, “…I think it’s expired.” It makes me laugh out loud. A boy asks why there are suddenly less kids in the room. Another kid who heard him make up a story about how the kids are all getting sucked into the store room.

I thought the wackiness was going to end since it was almost time for lunch break to be over, but then, I see a girl talking to the fish in some baby language. Next to her, a boy is silently nibbling a cracker. As I was just looking around, I saw a kid tilt a little too far back in his chair, and as he and the chair landed on the floor with a CRASH, everyone looked up and ran over to him. The boy still lay on the floor on his chair, stunned. He slowly got up and put his chair upright. Just when everything was almost back to normal, a boy from outside banged his head on the window. It wasn’t by accident; he was just trying to get our attention. He wanted to know how many more minutes until break was over. My friend went to the window to tell him.
When there were only about six people left in the room, they started to pack up. Mr. Rampling gazed out the window as people started to drift out of the room. Five kids left, four kids, three, two, one. Finally, they were all gone and had left the class absolute silence.  I looked around the room, and decided that nobody could tell that there had once been a wacky lunch time in the room.

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Comments 3
Taha Nyc one. Taha
Aug 25th 2013
Khadijah You know, half of what what you mentioned is what my class do( Even though they are girls! ). Khadijah
Mar 23rd 2013
Khadijah You know, half of what what you mentioned is what my class do( Even though they are girls! ). Khadijah
Mar 23rd 2013

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