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Abeera Farhan
Abeera Farhan
Sadequain Grammar School
Want My Best Friend Back
Published On Mar 19th 2013
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I might seem like I hate you,
But I love you with all my heart,
I may appear seriously angry,
But I want you back, says a part,
I pretend that I don't care,
If you move away or not,
But I'll miss you like hell,
Will my heart cries tears hot,
And what about the millions,
Of secrets that we shared?
Who will I sneak a 7-up,
Of which your mom is always scared,
If I had one wish,
I would wish to have you back,
And that you wouldn’t be able to leave,
My side, you loud deck!
Who will I ever make fun of?
Who will I talk to in need?
How will I ever find someone?
Who looks like YOU and ME?Cry

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Comments 17
Tooba Gud Tooba
Mar 24th 2015
Anonymous Did U get Ur BFF Back? Well nice Poem! Anonymous
Jan 9th 2015
Munkashay OK! Munkashay
Jul 17th 2014
Amna I want my best friend back. Sorry%u2661%u2665 Amna
May 2nd 2014
Amna No I am a cousin. Amna
Jan 24th 2014
Munkashay Changed your name? Munkashay
Jan 20th 2014
Amna Sure!B-)* Amna
Jan 13th 2014
Munkashay Ur welcome Dua and OK Isha! :) Munkashay
Jan 11th 2014
abeera Thank u munkashay. :) Abeera
Jan 4th 2014
Amna Leave it darling. Amna
Jan 3rd 2014
Munkashay Are you talking to me, Isha??? Munkashay
Dec 26th 2013
Amna Ahahahahah darling thank you v much. Scince dua is my BFF so she is sooo like me. In short thank u. Well a sugesion do add our another friend Abeer Fatima. Amna
Dec 23rd 2013
Munkashay HUh, Isha? And, Dua, I LOVE THE WAY YOU WRITE! Munkashay
Dec 22nd 2013
Amna You hate me is what I know but you want me is what I knew! Amna
Oct 12th 2013
Amna Is this by hoor? Amna
Oct 4th 2013
Marwa NYC 1 ! Marwa
Aug 15th 2013
Arwa Ramadan Mubarak Arwa
Jul 14th 2013

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