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Taa Rauf
Taa Rauf
A Frog Day!!!!
Published On Mar 16th 2013
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Once upon a time I was going to sleep. Suddenly my body became full of patches. I was feeling as small as a frog. I tried to run down but I could not. Then I hopped downstairs to see myself in the mirror. As I saw myself in the mirror I realized that I was a frog. After that my brother passed from beside me. I shouted to stop my brother but he did not stop so I came in front of him. As he saw me he screamed as loud as he can. Then he took a big stick from which he started beating me. After sometime I realized that I was out of the house. Then I decided to go to a doctor. I entered his clinic and said him you must be thinking how I changed into this frog. I shouted the same thing again but he could not listen to me. I came out of the clinic very sadly. As I was walking on the road suddenly a huge truck came in front of me. The truck was very fast so there was no chance of jumping on sides so I lay down on the road and closed my eyes. After 2 or 3 minutes I realized that the height of the truck was really big so I passed under it easily. Then I sat on a footpath very sadly. Suddenly it started raining so I ran to the shelter of the bus stop. Then I saw some other frogs coming happily towards me. They saw me and asked me why I was sad I told them whole them all the story and they became emotional. They took me to their home where I drank a cup of delicious hot coffee. Then I asked them that when will they take me home. They replied soon. They took a thrower and said me to show them my room. I showed them my room’s window which was open. They threw me inside my window. When I came back to window to thank them they were not there. Then a person came in my room with a spray of anti-frogs. He sprayed it and I became a human again. I was so happy that I kissed that man and he became a frog. I took him and threw him out of my window and closed the window. Then I slept and saw the whole story in my dream!!! Ahhhhhhh!!! What a stupid day it was.
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Comments 3
Anam Wow its nice Anam
Sep 24th 2013
tehmina Interesting Tehmina
Mar 19th 2013
Mar 16th 2013

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