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Laiba Barg
Laiba Barg
Published On Mar 19th 2013
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Archimedes was born in 287 BC on an island named Sicily in the city of Syracuse. His father was an astronomer and mathematician whose name was Phidias. At his time, Syracuse was known for art and science. He had a great curiosity. After learning as much as he could, he travelled to Egypt to study in Alexandria. After completing his studies in Alexandria, he travelled back to Syracuse and pursued a life or thought and invention. One time, king Hiero couldn't empty rainwater from the hull of one of his ships. He called Archimedes for help. Archimedes solution was to create a machine consisting of a hollow tube containing a spiral that could be turned by a handle at one end. When the lower end of the tube was placed into the hull and the handle turned, water was carried up the tube and out of the boat. The Archimedes screw is still a methods used in developing countries. Many people knew that objects floated or sank, but nobody know why until Archimedes came up with a great scientific idea. H e discovered that when a solid object is immersed in a liquid, it displaces the liquid by exerting a downward force on it. The liquid in turn exerts an upward force on the solid object. He discovered the buoyant force. He died in 212 BC.
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Soha I know him. We read about him in our science book. Soha
Mar 21st 2013

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