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Malaika Ali
Malaika Ali
True Friends
Published On Mar 19th 2013
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I was very frustrated as I walked home from school. It was the worst day of my life. I slammed the door to my bedroom and sat quietly.
I, Marukh Alam, stared at the phone, hoping to see the phone ring but it didn't. My friend Mariah Aslam had indeed started a quarrel on a minor thing. I waited for a while the phone was as still as a statue. I gave up hope and tried to sleep but it was worthless, for I couldn't.
She didn't call to apologize, the next day. She ignored me like I didn't exist. As Mariah was popular with everyone, she was busy talking about her 'Brand new, Expensive, 1500 dollar dress her cousin had sent her.
"It's like pink and- DUH it's expensive. And it's a billion times better that Marukh's! I don't know why I even was FRIENDS with her. She is like sooo juvenile. I look TOOO good" Mariah bragged,
A new girl entered the class. She had a warm smile. The class smiled at her. But Mariah and her group just sneered. I looked at her.
By the time of recess, she had proved to be the best student in our group. Our class had 2 groups. Mariah's group was 'jewels' and my group was 'Ace group'. She got all the answers correct. I was eating my sandwich when she came and said "Hi! I'm Ameena Atif, mind if I sit down?" I nodded.
At the end of the day, Ameena and I had become BFFS
The Purpose of this story is to tell you that some people are very mean. True friends should be made by their character and not of their appearance.

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Comments 4
Marwa Hey, nice one . :P Marwa
Jul 30th 2013
Uswah Emaan Toosy dont dare fall for this thing I have earlier said! I was joking!!!!! :D GREAT STORY AND KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK! Uswah
Jul 13th 2013
Laibah True and gud story Laibah
Jul 9th 2013
Uswah Hmmmmmmmmmmm!!! Eman Toosy do u like the story U have written????? I think it can be improved yet i dont like it that much!!!! I am not being rude Eman. I am being sinscere to u and am sharing my feelings!!!! ;) Uswah
Jul 9th 2013

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