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Hiba Saad
Hiba Saad
Jaffar Public School
Unity Faith Discipline
Published On Mar 20th 2013
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Sometimes I often wonder,
What is unity faith and discipline?
Does it resemble thunder?
No! These are Quaid’s words,
Words which are like independent birds.
Unity is teamwork which strengthens us,
No one can harm us if we are one.
As a nation we should unite,
And powerfully together we fight.
Believe in Almighty Allah is our faith,
Compassion is our mate.
Discipline is organization,
Accompanied by moral values and respect,
It is also how you interact.
So now we understand,
Why should together we stand.
Following Quid’s words,
Unity, Faith and discipline      
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Comments 6
Ajwa Zuha why r u sayin thanxx???????? schools vision and mission is too unity,fa..., which hose are u?????im in unity....and...also a CR!!!!!!!....8D........@hiba...its guuud!!!!!!!!!=* Ajwa
Aug 30th 2013
Hiba Thankyou all Hiba
Jul 30th 2013
Zuha Thanx Zuha
Jul 21st 2013
Adventures use good vocablary.... Adventures
Apr 4th 2013
Arouba Wow! very nice! Arouba
Mar 26th 2013
Barbie Unity faith and discipline is our shools vision and mission too... Barbie
Mar 22nd 2013

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