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Marium Malik
Marium Malik
Pakistan International School
The Magical Dream
Published On Jan 28th 2010
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Once upon a time there was a little girl named Lola. She lived in a small wooden cottage with cherry trees nearby. It was 9 o'clock and Lola was very sleepy. She took Cherry her small stuff toy in her arms and soon she was asleep. She suddenly felt that she was lying on something fluffy and soft. She opened her eyes and Surprise! She was sitting on a fluffy white cloud! Then she suddenly saw herself standing in the air! And then what did she see. She had a glittery pair of wings! Lola was very excited. She flew higher and higher until she saw a golden gate and behind the gate there was a castle made of crystals and jewels! She got even more excited! She flew down, opened the gate and went inside the castle. When she went inside the castle she saw a world of ponies! And not just ponies the ponies even had white silvery wings! She played with the ponies and flew round and round. The ponies even gave her a tour of their world. And they told her that their world's name was “The Magical Rainbow”. But suddenly Lola heard the King of Ponies say: Lola ! Wake up! It's time for school! Quick! Or your teacher will scold you for being late! And it wasn't the king's voice but it was Lola's mother's voice! Oh! It was just a dream Lola said in a sleepy voice. It was a dream but the loveliest dream Lola ever had in her whole life!


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Comments 8
Ayesha Maria plz accept my friend request. Your story is great! Ayesha
May 25th 2017
Wafa Gr8888 story Wafa
Jan 21st 2016
Samir Nice Story!!! Samir
Jun 26th 2015
Gul Noor Dont u think this story is inappropriate 4 childrn.btw marium is my cosin his real name is rafay n he is a BOY. Gul Noor
Dec 1st 2013
Anam Can i be your friend marium...? Anam
Sep 14th 2013
Zainab A reallllllllllly nyc story and i would lyk to be your friend Zainab
Aug 10th 2011
Laiba Dear i mariyum i have read your stuffs n its gr8. U r very inteligent. I would reaaly ike to be frnds with u. Laiba
Aug 9th 2011
Irtaza Hi! Marium! Your story is very good, & interesting, excellent but, Plz.... comment my stories too, I'm Izza Waheed from Pakistan, okay! I'll see if you comment even one of my stories Bye! See you again! Irtaza
Feb 13th 2010

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