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Sadia Malik
Sadia Malik
Published On Mar 20th 2013
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I was riding my bike back to home from my friend Sarah's home. Near my aunt Steffi’s House I heard that she was saying I don't know. By the way, I parked my bike in to the garage and went in the living room. I saw mom was crying, dad kicked one showpiece and my sis Lorrine sighed at me I was amazed by their behaviour and asked What happened I didn’t get the answer. Then I ran upstairs to see my brother Bill but he was not there I went upstairs to see my brother Bill but he was not there. I ran downstairs and shouted where Bill is? my dad took out a tissue from his pocket and said Lynn my dear when you was small some men covered with black came to our home and took you, they asked for a ransom but we informed police now however they came back they again wanted to take you but you was at Sarah’s home so they took Bill they said if we will try to inform to police they will kill him.
So give them whatever they want they want you what?
i cried then asked why?
Because we informed police ooh they want me
i ran upstairs but Lorraine came after me hugged and said me to relax so I went for sleeping but i couldn't I called Marie my friend and told her the whole story. I had a terrible dream that they killed me. Now it’s morning and i went for school today Marie joined me and asked if i am OK and i said yes. That time i was thinking of Bill because of me he was still kidnapped. Today at midnight i went downstairs for drinking water and i saw Bill. he was drinking when he saw me he hugged me and said me to go for sleep today I had a nice dream well i was sleeping when i heard mom
Yes mom it’s your Bill
I ran downstairs and Mom looked at me she said
Lynn its Bill
Yes i said
At breakfast mom's spoon fell down she said but they wanted lynn No now they do not want her he smiled
But how? Mom asked
Yesterday I saw a phone lying near me and i called police now they are jailed. And now they can't.
We all hugged Bill for his work. Mom started crying and i started laughing at her Dad wanted to slap me but he did not. Because if i stopped laughing i would start crying. And i am not sure if i started crying i would be able to stop it. Cry=Cry

Laughing=Laughing         Written by me Sadiya Malik

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Comments 46
 Sadia Syeda fatima maybe i can teach you Sadia
Oct 18th 2013
Arwa Sadia yar ap ye bata skti ho k ap ne website k say banai ha?????????? plz Arwa
Sep 10th 2013
 Sadia Kingdom of Saudia Arabia Sadia
Aug 30th 2013
Arwa What is the full form of KSA?? Arwa
Aug 23rd 2013
 Sadia Thanx Sadia
Jul 27th 2013
Marwa Nice Hi Marwa
Jul 25th 2013
 Sadia Same 2 u and thanX alot mubashira wafa gullasht and fatima Sadia
Jul 17th 2013
Arwa Ramadan mubarak Arwa
Jul 14th 2013
Jul 12th 2013
Gullasht AsSalam.0.Alekuim!!... "RAMADAN MUBARAK" Dear @S.sadia May Allah give you courage you collect too much NAKIYA and May Allah Bless you in this mouth (AMEEN) keep remember me in your's prays. Gullasht
Jul 11th 2013
Jul 10th 2013
mubashra Thnx sadia for commenting Mubashra
Jul 9th 2013
mubashra Hey sadia please comment on my story that i have recently added Mubashra
Jul 4th 2013
Emel Sadia please add me as freind Emel
Jul 2nd 2013
Ebad Awesome site,how did you do it?that's great....... Ebad
Jun 27th 2013
Ebad That's good story i love it...... Ebad
Jun 27th 2013
Sana Its reallyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy nice Sana
Jun 26th 2013
 Sadia No syeda Fatima am not in my dp and thanX, Wafa thats gr8 study hard and show the world. Best ov luck Sadia
Jun 22nd 2013
wafa AOA!!! Hi Scientist!!! I also want to be a scientist.Okay!!! Wafa
Jun 18th 2013
mubashra Asslam u alikum everybody.Hope everyone is fine.Wafa if u don't mind i want to ask a question to u that how old are u and who is in ur profile pic? Mubashra
Jun 8th 2013
Arwa Ur site is awesome yar:) Arwa
Jun 7th 2013
Arwa Is it u sadia??? i mean at ur dp?? Arwa
Jun 7th 2013
 Sadia Am in 7th standard and you ? Sadia
May 31st 2013
Nimra Hey guys... :) n wafa if u want to be my friend so u can send me request!!! Nimra
May 30th 2013
wafa Great job!!!in which class? Wafa
May 29th 2013
Soha WHY NOT?? Soha
May 29th 2013
 Sadia Thank u !. Well thats so easy when you will open my site at the top you can see one login or sign up button just click that then enter you email ID name password there and youre done next time select login button and rewrite your ID and password Sadia
May 25th 2013
mubashra Yur website was awesome please tell me the method how to login Mubashra
May 24th 2013
Gullasht AOA you welcome WelcOme very much Gullasht
May 18th 2013
 Sadia Thank you thanx alot !!! Sadia
May 16th 2013
Gullasht AOA S.sadia malik i can't accept that this website is madeup of you gr8 job!....... Gullasht
May 15th 2013
 Sadia THank You Soha wanna become a member of it ? Sadia
May 12th 2013
Soha Your site is aawweeeesssoommmme! Soha
May 12th 2013
 Sadia OOh ! hey Mubashara plz go to my website thank you!! Sadia
May 11th 2013
mubashra Hey sadia.Hope you are well.Thanks for accepting my friend request.You know that you are my first friend on vshine website.Thank you soooooooooooooooooooooooooo much.In shaa ALLAH we will become good friends. Mubashra
May 10th 2013
mubashra Asslamualikum sadia. thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for accepting my request.hope we will become good friends. Mubashra
May 10th 2013
mubashra Asslamualikum sadia. thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for accepting my request.hope we will become good friends. Mubashra
May 10th 2013
mubashra Asslamualikum sadia. thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for accepting my request.hope we will become good friends. Mubashra
May 10th 2013
 Sadia Hey thnx and i have accepted it :) Sadia
May 10th 2013
mubashra Hey i am mubashra. i like your stuff.i'm sending you a friend request. please accept it Mubashra
May 9th 2013
 Sadia I am Fine and ur welcome :-) Sadia
May 3rd 2013
Hiba Hello how are u? thanx 4 liking my stuffffffff Hiba
May 2nd 2013
 Sadia Sana you are there ? Sadia
Apr 30th 2013
 Sadia Hey Hiba and Sana ! :-) Sadia
Apr 30th 2013
Sana Hi iam sana Sana
Apr 25th 2013
Hiba Hi Hiba
Apr 25th 2013

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