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Uraib  Aftab
Uraib Aftab
Long Tail Dino
Published On Mar 20th 2013
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Imagine you are reading on the sixth floor of a building. You look out of the window and you are eye to eye with a huge Dinosaur. This is the height of the tallest dinosaur ever discovered. It was 18 meters tall. Its neck was as long as a bus!
In November 1999 scientists showed the dinosaurs neck bones. The bones were as thin and light as eggshells. If the bones were heavy the dinosaur could not have lifted its head!
This new dinosaur is named SAUROPOSEIDON. He was the Greek god of the seas and earthquakes. Sauroposeidon shake the ground just by taking a step. Sauroposeidon weighed about 60 tonnes. It would make a person look like an insect!
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Emel Good! Emel
Jul 5th 2013

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