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Fatimah Latif
Fatimah Latif
The Haunted Island (part 4)
Published On Mar 20th 2013
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I started moving further into the cave and by surprise came upon a log of woods and then I saw a broken torch, some empty tin can and other stuff. What attracted me was a bed that was made out of dry bracken and lay at the side of the cave. Where on earth did all this come from? Oh my God! Were there some other survivors after all, or was I just imagining things. I went and sat on the bracken bed to examine it. No I was definitely not dreaming, this was real. Something leaned on me distracting me from my thoughts; I turned and saw two huge, really huge black holes staring at me. I gave a loud shriek and for the second time in my life I fainted.
Mist and darkness covered my eyes as I started to open them. Was I dead, no probably not because then I should have seen a bright light and fairies and…….I must be out of my mind seriously. I sat up and looked around to see that I lay on the same bed , but what exactly happened with me I could not remember a thing. The cave was not that dark as it was before, there was a yellowish light and to my astonishment the log was light up. Someone was here and ‘that’ someone was the one to light up the fire. As I sat thinking and going deeper into my thoughts, a figure as black as night came into the cave. I froze.  Whether I was dead before or not, but I will die now. The dark figure moved but did not scream or howled, no. it just came further turned half way and placed something down. It then stepped into the light and I saw its face. Another lightning bolt struck me and my stomach gave a loud roar, my heart skipped one beat and I turned pale.
I did not believe my eyes. It was James, my cousin. He WAS alive. My emotions got mixed up and I started to cry happy tears.
“Hey! What’s the matter? Are you alright?” James said
“James! Oh James…… where on earth…..i thought u were………dead” I said between sobs.
“Hey come on, I know you are surprised to see me as I was, but aren’t u happy?”
“Of course I am. What do you think I am crying for.” I felt as if I were at home, seeing him (or anyone alive) was the last thing on my list.
“I really dint know that anyone survived the crash, until I found you near that skeleton, it must have scared you and you fainted” he said pointing towards the direction where the skeleton lay. And that’s when I understood why there were two black big large holes. The first look at it scared me but then I felt piety for whoever it was to fall into the hands of those monoesters.
“James I am so happy and angry that I would love to give you a punch in your face”
“What? ARE you ok? You must have bumped your head hard then I thought” he said astonished at what I said.
“No! Where on earth were you when the plane crashed? Why didn’t you searched for me or anyone? I tried to check the stupid island but didn’t found anyone” I said. Even though I was happy to see him alive, I felt anger in my voice.
“ you see , I almost drowned in that sea but somehow it swept me to the shore and when I awoke the first thing I saw was this cave so I took shelter in it , and as it was becoming  darker outside, it seemed the best idea to me. I too searched the island but only this side I dint go deeper into it, in case I got lost. The next day after the crash, I was walking by the shore I saw a wooden box laying on the shore. I opened it and found tined food.” he said with no interest in it. That’s when my stomach growled and he started laughing. It was embarrassing but I had not eaten for a day so he handed me one of the tins. It was a pineapple tin and I ate hungrily.
“I think we landed on the opposite side of the island” I said munching the pineapple.
“Yep, I think that too” he said.
“Hey Sarah, don’t you think that this island is a bit weird because I heard some kind of howls and screams and sometimes I hear footsteps. Do you think that there are some kinds of wild animals around here or people, because once I even saw smoke above those high coconut trees, it was as I think a fire. I tried to follow but it was way too far and too deep.” he said and I almost chocked. He slapped me hard on my back and the piece of pineapple that got stuck in my throat fell out. I gave a thankful expression and then an angry one.
“You alright?”He asked
“No I am not alright. You think this island is weird, wrong, it dangerous and its going to kill us soon if we don’t take action” I said shaking while those fearful happenings and encounters came in front of my eyes.
“What do you mean by that” he said getting confused.
“Those screams and howls weren’t of some kind of animals or peoples these were of those monsters who I guess eat humans because then why would they been chasing me”
“You mean zombies, ha-ha, on this island. That’s really cool” he said disbelievingly. Off course who was I talking to, he will never believe me but I dint give up.
“Call whatever you want to call them but I am serious if you won’t listen to me we will die because I have met these, these monstrous things and they did their part by tracking me down. There are a hundreds of them on this island. You don’t know what I have went through so stop acting like mister-know-it-all and help” I almost screamed at him of fear and anger that the scratch in my throat from the chocking started to hurt.
“Sarah I really didn’t mean to upset you. I do believe in you” he said but I still dint believe that he believed in me so I told my part of story in detail.

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Comments 15
Affan Nice story fatima Affan
Jan 26th 2014
Arooba My birthday date is 4 may Arooba
Sep 30th 2013
fatimah Oh u r sooo sweet Arooba. my birthday was on 21 july...its gone....but its ok u can wish me next time cuz none of my friends did last time :(......whats ur birthday date? Fatimah
Sep 29th 2013
Arooba Ohhhhhhhh its ok you are my friend plz dont apologized with me fatimah but your birthday date and month i would like to know that .WOULD YOU PLZ TELL ME Arooba
Sep 28th 2013
fatimah Oh HaPpy BiRthady To Ur mOm soooooooooo sooorrryyyy for late reply, forgive meh...:) Fatimah
Sep 26th 2013
Arooba Have a nice day its my mother birthday any one would like to say happy birthday to my mother Arooba
Sep 6th 2013
Arooba Thankyou fatimah Arooba
Aug 13th 2013
Soha Guddddddd Soha
Aug 12th 2013
fatimah And u my dear friend r very sweeeeeet! Fatimah
Aug 7th 2013
Arooba Amazinggggggggggggg fatimah and welcome for your comment and also thank you for adding me as a friend you are very nice Arooba
Aug 5th 2013
Marwa Love it <3 Marwa
Jul 17th 2013
aasiya Okeys no prob! Aasiya
Mar 29th 2013
fatimah I will try Aasiya but ma monthly tests r bout to start so it will take time. so sorry :( Fatimah
Mar 26th 2013
mishaal NYC!!(h) Mishaal
Mar 25th 2013
aasiya Plx publish the next part early plxxxxx! Aasiya
Mar 23rd 2013

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