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Misbah Abdul Jabbar
Misbah Abdul Jabbar
Saifiyah Girls School
The Little Saviour
Published On Mar 21st 2013
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The day broke and suddenly the wind stopped. Out of the sea, came the sea monsters! It was a horrifying scene. Everybody at beach got scared and started to run away. The monsters were coming out slowly. Many people near them got smashed under their feet. The monsters were terribly ugly! They had three eyes, teeth struck out of their mouth and huge stretched out ears. Their hands had six fingers and the nails were the most disgusting thing ever! Each and every person was rushing here and there except one small boy who was looking at the monsters with extreme anxiety in his eyes. Many people shouted at him to move away as the monsters were slowly coming towards the city but he was so busy in staring at the monsters that he didn't listen to anybody else. The monsters looked awfully hungry. Suddenly the boy had an idea that he should communicate with the monsters. He shouted loud but his voice didn’t reach the monsters. He was looking here and there and all of a sudden he had a glance of the lifesavers megaphone. His eyes shone like diamonds. He ran quickly, fetching the megaphone he abruptly started “Hola newcomers”. Everybody dropped dead. The monsters looked at the boy. He continued “I don’t think you are here to damage our property but if you are, beware of me!” acting like a ninja. “Hehe, just kidding, wanna be friends?” The monsters were staring at the boy then they started moving and everybody shouted again. The boy suddenly said “Hey hey ,where are you all newcomers going! I think we should introduce ourselves. My name is Danny, what’s yours? Danny was actually trying to distract the monsters from their perspective to destroy the city. The monsters were still staring wide at him as they did not understand what he was speaking! Danny said “Okie Dokie, if you don’t want tell me your name, don’t! But Let me tell you something about myself...” Then he continued for so long that the monsters got irate and went into sea snoring heavily! Everyone there shouted “YAAAYYYYY! Three cheers for Danny, Hep Hep Hurray, Hep Hep Hurray, Hep Hep Hurray! In about some minutes, from a small ordinary boy, Danny became the saviour of the city!
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Comments 2
Saqifa Nice Saqifa
Nov 6th 2015
Anam Great story misbah Anam
Oct 1st 2013

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