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Qirat Bolani
Qirat Bolani
Aga Khan School
World Book Day
Published On Mar 2nd 2013
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Once there was a fine morning. Birds were flying, flowers were glowing, children were playing but one thing was not good. Eliza was sad because of losing her favourite book. Mother told him will buy you another book, why are you sad?"Eliza replied in a weeping voice "mom! It was my favourite book, basically it was the book of every author's story like "Enid Blyton, Charles Dickens, Roald Dahl, Shakespeare, and many others”. Mom said angrily" Eliza! I will buy you same book as you have lost. But stop crying first". Eliza said “but mom the one who will get that book if he\she will not read it! The book will go into waste "he added "I care for my book I am not like those students who don't care for their book. because books are the imperative and decisive part of our life and I think that without book, life would be half done and un finished, mom I am not only crying for my book but I am also crying that today is "world book day “and world book day gives us a message that read books, save books but mom I ... " mom said effectively "Eliza! I am impressed from your words, but what can I do?" Then Eliza replied “mom we can, because impossible also says I am possible will call my friends and they will help to find my book, because together we can together we will “next day every one came to find that book and finally she got her book.

Eliza was very happy that she found the book, then they all decided to celebrate "world book day”. Then she gives a speech that we should care for our books, to know the worth of books, to value books and to love books because they are our best friend. Books are like our other best friend, don’t complain us for not taking care of them, nor they demand us for gifts but they give us precious knowledge. They educate us and give a pathway to be a better child, a good student and a patriotic child"

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Comments 5
qurratul Nice Story!B-) WISH YOU TOO HAPPY:-)"WORLD BOOK DAY!!!" Qurratul
Mar 20th 2014
Anam I just lovvvvvvvvvveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee bokkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkksss Anam
Sep 24th 2013
qirat Thankz for correcting ... :) Qirat
Mar 22nd 2013
Nabeah Nice, but in the first paragraph you called her a "her" and "him". Check your spelling! :) Nabeah
Mar 14th 2013
kinza Nysh story ... i am impressed ... :) Kinza
Mar 9th 2013

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