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Eriman Glam Girl
Eriman Glam Girl
Islamia English School
Published On Mar 2nd 2013
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Teacher: if your dad gives you one coin and you ask for another and he gives you, how many coins you'll have then
Student: one!
Teacher: you don’t know your maths!
Student: you don't know my dad!

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Comments 19
Tooba Hehe nice joke i loved it Tooba
May 15th 2014
Iram Nice joke Iram
May 11th 2014
Hoora Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha good one :D Hoora
Aug 4th 2013
Areeba PLZ accept my friend request :) Areeba
Aug 1st 2013
Emel Sorry 2 say but COPIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dont mind! Emel
Jul 28th 2013
Arouba Nice! btw forwarding something doesn't count as cheating, it helps more people to get aware of it! I'd like to say Eriman keep sharing these with me because i appreciate your efforts! but also post your ideas too! Arouba
Apr 27th 2013
eriman Im srry Eriman
Apr 23rd 2013
Gullasht Ha ha ha Gullasht
Mar 29th 2013
Ayesha Awesome joke...i burst out laughing! please make me your friend... i am also joining Islamia School Ayesha
Mar 23rd 2013
aasiya Hehehe! Aasiya
Mar 21st 2013
Mahnum is funny but it is also cheating be careful next time Eriman Mahnum
Mar 19th 2013
AATIKA Nice!!!!! Aatika
Mar 18th 2013
mariam Funny Mariam
Mar 18th 2013
ayesha Nice Ayesha
Mar 8th 2013
Marwa This was already published in 2 to 3 magazines but still its nice Marwa
Mar 7th 2013
Zuhaa Hahahaha Zuhaa
Mar 4th 2013
haniya Ok why are you using my aconut eminam girl or whatever yu are cheater? Haniya
Mar 4th 2013
rabia Hey that`s cheating! this joke was published on dawn magazine and also in some others Rabia
Mar 4th 2013
Soha Hahaha.. But I knew this one..!! Soha
Mar 3rd 2013

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