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Zahra Khan
Zahra Khan
Usman Public School
Khalid Bin Waleed
Published On Mar 2nd 2013
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Khalid Bin Waleed, the leader, the fighter, the solider and the great human being. He was the person with extra ordinary attributes. he was born in 583 AD in Banumakhzam, the branch of Quresh. The hero of 34 battles who spent his 47 years being a non-Muslim and accepted Islam just before 13 years from his death. His gifted family background and early military training made him look like a leader in the making. Even in his early age.
He eventually made the leaders both in the ranks of the Muslims or Quresh.
In his youth, his qualities blossomed to perfection and he occupied variable positions among the youth of banu makhzam. he was blessed with the graceful physique and had a beautiful bearing. He fought many battles and won each of them accept banu makhzam. He fought 34 major battles and won all of it. as he defeated Muslims in the battle of Uhad so he also gave victory to the Muslims in the battle of Muatah. Before accepting Islam, Khalid Bin Waleed used to enter the battle fields challenging prophet saw but each time the self-esteem of prophet saw was spread an aura which entered the heart of Khalid RA.
Khalid RA was not converted to Islam because of the fierce or greedy but because of the softness and the kindness of prophet (s.a.w). He earned the title of Saifullah which means the "sword of Allah". He never let that sword be broken or be down. He also conquered Romans and Persians and he also killed Musallimah  Qazzab (the liar) who proclaimed himself a prophet. In the end he wanted the honour of shahada but he died on his bed by the sickness and as well as how can anybody break or shaheed the sword of Allah.

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Comments 4
Urooj Goodd☺ Urooj
Jul 17th 2017
qurratul Very nice..............:):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)...!*** Qurratul
Jun 12th 2014
Abdullah What a longgggggggggggggggggggggggg story Abdullah
Mar 17th 2013
Soha Very nice article.. Soha
Mar 6th 2013

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