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Rabita Tariq
Rabita Tariq
Usman Public School
Happy Boori'ma
Published On Mar 2nd 2013
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I am the youngest person in my team, my name is Jack and I was always happy when I was child but I am not happy today. Our friend Winston was very proud and he loved to be on TV. Our lazy partner Steven was always having cough and our kind and simple "Boori'Ma" who lived just next to my house. She always gave us sweets and was very polite. Boori'ma and Old man who lived opposite to my house had same story and heart. His and her cruel sons and daughters had left them. The old man told us stories and fables and also told of his childhood days which were all like ours. Whenever I met Boori'ma and the old man they always said that may his children were successful. I, Winston and Steven was having a fight and we were not friends at all. Boori'ma and old man said us his and her children. My mother gave Boori'ma breakfast and dinner and my father gave 3000 rupees to old man every month. The parents of my two friends were out of country and they lived with their baby-sitter and she always shouted and was very cruel. I also didn't tell you that Winston was not good in studies as he always think of sports and Steven didn't complete his work as he was lazy. In last I will say again that Boori'ma and old man was happy though they had cruel lives. Tears rolled down his eyes while telling this story to his wife and children sitting next to the dead body of boori'ma and old man.Cry
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Comments 13
qurratul I LIKE THAT!!!!!NICE TRY!:-) , :-} , :-]!!! Qurratul
Mar 20th 2014
Hadia Answer????????????????????????yes or no??????????????????? Hadia
Dec 31st 2014
Hadia Rabita meri doosri I.D pr friend request send kerna or sidra kamal sa bhi kahna k wo bhi request pend n kr or mujhy is k ans chahiay.......please do this work ........ my friend....... Hadia
Dec 29th 2013
Rafia Well done my frnd!!!!!!!!:) Rafia
Jul 13th 2013
Gullasht AOA yeah! affifah i alsoO, read rabita poems in Vshine and it was just fabulus!....... Gullasht
May 23rd 2013
afifah Hey rabita, i read your poems in vshine (May) magazine today.:> Afifah
May 22nd 2013
Gullasht AOA rabita are you crazy n soO, much funny as you coment yourself and then, thank toO yourself ha ha ha. Gullasht
May 18th 2013
Rabita I am naughty so sorry! Rabita
Mar 19th 2013
Nabeah Rabita, did you comment yourself? Because you wrote nice things about your story then thanked yourself. :( Nabeah
Mar 14th 2013
Rabita Thanks! Rabita
Mar 7th 2013
Rabita Wow! Rabita
Mar 5th 2013
Rabita It is my story! Rabita
Mar 3rd 2013
Rabita What a twist! Rabita
Mar 3rd 2013

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