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Saad Salman
Saad Salman
Beacon House School System
Alien Friend
Published On Feb 24th 2013
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February 2013

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It was night; Rafay was sleeping on his bed. Suddenly he heard a horrible noise. It was coming from the street outside. Since no one was awake, Rafay went outside to see what was going on. He saw a huge space ship. The colour of the ship was red and blue. Suddenly a big fat alien came out from the space ship and said something that Rafay couldn’t understand. Rafay ran to his uncle’s room and woke him up. Rafay’s uncle was a scientist and he loved to do researches on aliens. Rafay told his uncle to translate the alien’s language into English. Uncle pressed the button and the alien started to speak. The alien name was Hoop. He told that he is from some other planet and he is here to save his friends. Hoop’s friends were in the Earth. Hoop also told that there is a team named Alien Force. They catch aliens from different planets and use their bodies for different uses. Hoop’s friends are caught by the team. Rafay thought for a while. Then he went to his parents and asked about it. His parents agreed so Rafay and his uncle promised Hoop to help Hoop’s friend. Uncle used his teleporting machine to go to the lab of the Alien Force. The three of them were in the lab. They couldn’t see anyone. Hoop ran to the room where all the cages were kept. Rafay also ran after him. Uncle took out his giant robot and stood there. In the room where the cages were kept, Hoop and Rafay saw that there were more that hundred cages. Hoop was an alien so he used his special power to open the cages. After a minute, all the aliens came out and Hoop also met his friends. It was not so easy to get out of the lab because three big robots came in front of Rafay and all the aliens. The aliens used their powers to destroy the robots but it was no use. Rafay was a brave boy, he called his uncle inside. Uncle ran inside with his huge robot. The three robots were like small animals to uncle’s robot. The robots had a great fight. The aliens also fought and the Alien Force was finished. Alien Force’s lab and their rooms were all destroyed. Uncle’s robot had a great damage but it was okay. One thing was very bad about this fight, forty-five aliens died. It was very sad news for the aliens. The aliens thanked Rafay and his uncle and they went to their planet and they all lived happily ever after.
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Comments 32
Amna Nyc story & congrats (to be lated) Amna
Jun 19th 2013
Aliza U got it..?? not m Aliza
Apr 7th 2013
manal Yup Manal
Apr 2nd 2013
abdul rafay Gift ? Abdul Rafay
Apr 1st 2013
manal Oh....!. so all this suspence for nothing!!! you could have told us before!!! Manal
Mar 31st 2013
Saad You don't have to worry because I had a call with them on Friday so don't worry.... Saad
Mar 31st 2013
Aliza Meanz i dont hav to worry for ma gift then,....u sure v gonna get it next month??0_o?? Aliza
Mar 29th 2013
Soha Come on!! I know as I was also a winner of november. Some kind of stationery stuff and that's it! Soha
Mar 29th 2013
Soha Yeah I agree Soha
Mar 29th 2013
Saad I will get my gift in April. I have asked the Vshine team by calling them. Saad
Mar 29th 2013
Muhammad I don't think it's that Important to know a gift !....:/ Muhammad
Mar 27th 2013
manal Dont keep a suspence!tell us your gift!!!!!! Manal
Mar 26th 2013
manal Nice idea for a story .you realy have a great imagination.BTW what did you get in your gift Manal
Mar 24th 2013
Aliza Awesom...congratz....wht u got in gift....i havnt reciecvd myn yt... Aliza
Mar 24th 2013
Soha I know Saad, you got stationery stuff. Soha
Mar 23rd 2013
manal Nice story Manal
Mar 23rd 2013
Saad OK SO MY GIFT WAS A ________ Saad
Mar 23rd 2013
manal Great story realy like the idea you chose Manal
Mar 22nd 2013
Omer Good story Omer
Mar 21st 2013
syeda tahira Congratzzz !!!!!!!!!!! nyc story Syeda Tahira
Mar 15th 2013
Omer You are great story writter Omer
Mar 13th 2013
Hiba Yeah sure...... Hiba
Mar 13th 2013
Saad Do you want to know that what did I got in my gift??????? Saad
Mar 9th 2013
Muhammad You have game me a good idea from the first scenario thanks, Muhammad
Mar 8th 2013
Saad Thank you everyone for commenting.THANKYOU VERY MUCH Saad
Mar 8th 2013
Soha Fine Moiz.. Soha
Mar 6th 2013
muhammad saad I like it Muhammad Saad
Mar 5th 2013
Fatima Great story!!! Fatima
Mar 4th 2013
Moiz Great story! And Soha my cousin, how are u?? Moiz
Mar 3rd 2013
Saad Thankyou Soha! Saad
Mar 3rd 2013
Saad Cool Saad
Mar 2nd 2013
Soha Great story!! Am I the first person to comment on such a nice story!!!!! CONGRATZZZZ Soha
Mar 2nd 2013

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