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Faryal Gul
Faryal Gul
Aga Khan School,kharadar
Mobile Phoneneed Or Curse
Published On Feb 23rd 2013
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Mobile phone, an electronic device which was once invented in order to communicate with each other, But now a days it is used as a device which can entertain us when we are getting bored, through which we can access to internet when computer is not available, we can use it as camera and for communication purpose it is one of the best source through which we can communicate in much cheaper cost.
Coin has two sides, Likewise some would say that mobile phone it our need and else would have opposite views. Everything which has advantages, on other hand would surely have some disadvantages as well. So, here I would mention both merits and demerits of using cell phones.
Basically it depends upon us that how we are using our cell phone. Either we are using it when we actually need it or we are wasting our time on listening music, playing games, accessing to internet and making phone calls and texting to friends. All of these activities are not harmful actually, it all depends on us that how much time we spend on then. Limited use of these features would not harm us, neither our lifestyle nor our health but excessive use can lead us to an iffy health and this may also disturb our daily routine.
Moreover, some commons merits are like, it can help to get assistance in emergency, you would not feel alone as you would be always in touch with your friends and family through messages and phone calls, One can enjoy listening favorite songs, playing games and watching videos while travelling, some memorable scenes can be captured by using your phone’s camera and one can also check emails and even he/she can browse to internet.
On other hand some common demerits are, excessive use of earphones can affect our hearing ability, spending hours with phone can affect our eye sights, and it wastes our time and sometimes calls from unknown numbers also disturbs us.
Concluding my thoughts I personally believe that we should use cell phones in limited and specific time in order to live a healthy life.

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Comments 7
Faryal Walaikum Asalam! thankyou @Dr.Gullasht! :) Faryal
Jun 4th 2013
Gullasht AOA great!,.... Gullasht
May 10th 2013
Faryal =) Faryal
Apr 4th 2013
muhammad saad Good Muhammad Saad
Mar 17th 2013
muhammad saad Good Muhammad Saad
Mar 17th 2013
Faryal @eraj thanks..:)) Faryal
Mar 13th 2013
Eraj Good Article Eraj
Mar 7th 2013

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