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Mishaal Abbas
Mishaal Abbas
British International School Of Tabuk
The Magic Charm School
Published On Feb 23rd 2013
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Here I am said Lisa excitedly as she entered the magic charm school. Lisa was always interested in magic; therefore her parents thought for her best and put her in a magic school. In her old school she didn't have many friends because they thought she was weird. But she was sure to make some friends in this school! She thought to herself. Suddenly a shrieking and horrible noise interrupted Lisa's thoughts, it was the headmistress! Lisa was amazed to see her because she was an ugly huge troll! Then all of the children started gathering up for the assembly. As Lisa was walking towards the assembly hall, she met a girl called Ashley. Ashley was very kind to her and showed her all the places in the school. Ashley didn't have many friends either, so they both became best friends!
When it was lunch time the headmistress told everyone about their rooms and roommates! Luckily Ashley and Lisa had the same rooms! Lisa was very excited.
The next day their first class started. Ashley and Lisa sat together. What are we going to learn in this class? Asked Lisa to Ashley. Well said Ashley we are going to be learning spells! After all the classes had finished. Lisa and Ashley headed towards their room. Ashley had slept when all of a sudden Lisa was shocked to hear a loud shouting voice! So Lisa got up and went outside to see what it was. As she stepped out of the room she started to follow the sound. And all of a sudden the headmistress grabbed her! She took her to a boiling pot of water and hung Lisa over it! Lisa screamed and screamed but no one heard her! Then the mean troll said I will eat you for breakfast in the morning!!hahahahahah she crackled.
The next day Ashley woke and was startled to see Lisa was not there. Ashley searched everywhere but Lisa was nowhere to be seen! Ashley asked everyone but no one knew where she had gone to! That night Ashley woke up and was very worried so she took a little walk around the school. When she got to the office she heard Lisa's scream's and hurried into the office. There she saw Lisa hanging over the boiling pot and saw the troll sleeping, so she untied Lisa and asked her what had happened. Lisa told her everything.
The next morning before the sun had raised Lisa and Ashley both went to the sleeping troll and boiled her in the pot! They told everyone and they were all very happy!
After that Lisa and Ashley both went to their own homes and lived happily ever after.
THE END!!!!!
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Comments 7
qurratul I am also inTeREsTeD in MAGIC STORIES!IT's very nice!!!!!! Qurratul
Mar 20th 2014
areej Nice story keep it up Areej
Apr 7th 2013
syeda tahira O.k nyc story but can i just mention that this story is like a mixture of hansel n gretel ???? Syeda Tahira
Mar 15th 2013
Nabeah Nice story but the punctuation is all wrong and you should add more suspense in it. It's boring if you have "and the all lived happily ever after", but in all, it's a good story!! ;) Nabeah
Mar 13th 2013
Khadijah Nice story! Khadijah
Feb 25th 2013
mishaal Thnkx!! Mishaal
Feb 25th 2013
Soha Nice story! Soha
Feb 24th 2013

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