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Muhammad Saad
Muhammad Saad
Imcb G-10/4 Islamabad
Ozone Layer
Published On Jan 26th 2011
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A healthful and secure environment is a rear blessing in this busy world of today. We are having more and more luxuries day by day. We have refrigerators to preserve our food items. We have air conditioners to chill our home in sweltering summers. We have air fresheners for fragrant surroundings. But dear friends every tempering in nature has really dark aspects. We will look at it very soon.

Talking about ozone it is physically a gas and chemically a molecule

having three atoms of oxygen. It is present in the outer atmosphere and surrounds the earth completely. Talking about its function, its acts completely as a sun block and filters the dangerous ultraviolet rays from the sun. If it would not for this protection conferred by the ozone layer, we would have sunburns and skin problems every time we went outside in the sun. There would be a very high incidence of skin cancers. Imagine - my dear friends how horrible it would be????? But it is no more a mere horrifying imagination. Scientists in 1984 have found a hole in the protective ozone layer over Antarctica.  An ozone hole is made when the amount of ozone is decreases by almost 50%. And the culprit of ozone deterioration is - can you believe it? The culprit is us. You are the culprit, I am the culprit, every time we use air fresheners’ switch on our ACs and we are contributing towards our own disaster. The CFCs or chlorofluorocarbon present in aerosols react with the ozone layer. One atom of oxygen is split from the ozone molecule and ordinary O2 is created which cannot protect from harmful sun rays. The result is ozone depletion.

So friends now come to our role what to do to protect our ozone layer. Firstly try to avoid the ACs and if necessary minimize their duration of use. Secondly use products with ozone friendly logo on them because such products do not contain significant amount of damaging CFCs. Thirdly use refrigerators with a green or ozone friendly technology.

Dear friends, the key is not to indulge in luxury at the expense of nature because mother earth is the most valuable asset we possess. It is only planet in the vast universe that has life on it and we all want life to continue for years and years beyond.

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Comments 3
Muhammad If it is then please like it. Muhammad
Feb 12th 2011
Muhammad Really informative please tell more harmful aspects of ozone Muhammad
Feb 11th 2011
rabia This is one of the best article i've ever read!!!!!! Rabia
Feb 11th 2011

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