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Haadiyah Sajid
Haadiyah Sajid
I'm Homeschooled!
Amna And Her Best Friend
Published On Jan 26th 2011
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Comments 16
Tooba Stupid aleena cousins can be frends Tooba
Dec 26th 2013
Tooba Aleena i think u dont go 2 school thats why u dont know how 2 write Tooba
Dec 9th 2013
Tooba Ugly aleena ur iside is weak u need glasses and ur drwaing is taken from computer.printed and then posted here.stupid can cousins be frends of course u jealous Tooba
Nov 27th 2013
Aisha I just love it amna is not looking good ambreen is cyte Aisha
Jul 6th 2011
yamna Nyc...... Yamna
Jun 17th 2011
rOcKiNgUrL mInA Kool conversation about i dont know lolx Rockingurl Mina
Mar 21st 2011
Aleena But actually I think that the topic was a little bit wrong! Ans I am sorry but everyone has rights to express his/her views! I also asks you to tell me about your views on my drawings! I shall never mind your words! Aleena
Feb 17th 2011
Haadiyah Aleena, isn't a cousin like your best friend? Like Wajiha is my best best bestest cousin AND friend? Haadiyah
Feb 16th 2011
muhammad aleem Nice Muhammad Aleem
Feb 16th 2011
Bint waseem A gud drawing Bint Waseem
Feb 4th 2011
Rida Excuse me sweet,
Sorry for interrupting, Thats very rude from your side. Her drawing is very very nice and is drawn with full creativity. You shouldn't fight. Fighting is not a good habit. This site is not for fighting anyway, one should appreciate each other rather than to fight like mad people! I hope it's clear to you and you'll stop fighting very soon.
Feb 1st 2011
Aleena And Wajiha! its my view on her drawing then who are you to comment on me! Aleena
Feb 1st 2011
Aleena Excuse me Wajiha! Is it a kind of drawing to be jealous? Haven't you seen my drawing? And the topic is ''Amna and her best friend'' then why she has drawn Amna's cousin in this drawing! And by the way I was not talking to you then Why are you getting over? And i think that your eye sight is a little bit weak and you need glasses! Aleena
Jan 31st 2011
Wajiha Nice drawing!! and Aleena please don't be so jealous. :| Wajiha
Jan 29th 2011
Aisha Nice drawing. the faces are drawn with great intelligence and Faizah and Ambreen are really beautiful in from which city you belong Aisha
Jan 28th 2011
Aleena Senseless! You have written the topic \"Amna and her best friend\" then why have you drawn Amna\'s cousin in the drawing? Aleena
Jan 27th 2011

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